Friday, March 23, 2012


Slow weeks+Spring snow=lots of readings on the Internets for this gal.
Ugh. Yes. I said snow. I'm so over it. Please just let me have sunshine, even if it's 50 degrees at least let me have some sunshine.

So I came across this article. I read it, with a grain of salt of course, and then I thought about it a little. Some of the things these parents did I liked, others I didn't.
So I thought about it some more and tried to adapt it to my own parenting style.

Since we got Caderyn his big boy bed, we've struggled with bed time. It has been soooo frustrating.
So, on Sunday night I kept Caderyn to his regular bed time schedule.
We do a tubby around 7:30 p.m.
Relax on the couch and do a movie until 8:15 ish
Brush teeth and hop into bed for a story and a song.
Then I snuggled with Caderyn for two of his night time music songs before getting up and telling him,
"It is time for your bedtime. You don't have to go to sleep, but you have to stay in your bed."
And then I included this:
"It is Mommy's turn to have Mommy time. Do not get out of your bed."
And, knock on wood, so far it has been fairly successful.
Of course I have gone in there if he calls, usually for a Band Aid (what is it with kids and their obsession with those things), but he hasn't done it nearly as much.
And...I've had time to myself. Like actual relax time to myself.
Oh Lord, it has been so wonderful.
Author's Note: The only night this week where we had a glitch was on Wednesday night. Caderyn whined in his bed for probably an hour and a half after I'd gone in there repeatedly to check on him. Finally, I was done and I told him so and he cried/whined until he finally fell asleep. Yes, I feel bad and sometimes guilty in doing this, but I can't keep going in there back and forth all of the time. I need to get stuff done around my house, I need my sanity, and for heavens sake that child needs to go the you-know-what to sleep! He had everything he needed. He was dry, he was warm, he was loved and smooched on, he had a book, he had a toy and he had a night light. He was perfectly fine. So he fussed himself to sleep. This was the only night.
So I'm going to try and keep this routine up on a regular basis.
Now, this is what worked for me. Someone else may try a different approach that works.
But I am here to tell you that there is a solution out there. Don't fret.
Be patient and learn your child's bedtime moods and what you think will work best for them as well.
In my opinion, bedtime should be a pleasant experience for your child. It has to be pretty hard being so little and not understanding things like the dark and being alone in a room. So why not give them positive and happy bedtime memories. I have tried my hardest not to yell, not to confine and not to force my son into his bedtime. But, this doesn't always go as planned. Especially when it is close to midnight and you yourself just want to go to bed.
So I encourage other parents to try other outlets and try different techniques. Let your original plan just go out the usually does when you have kids.
A night when both Caderyn and Pooh Bear have ended up in my bed.

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