Monday, March 19, 2012


This past weekend, my in-laws took Caderyn up to their cabin and I booked it over to Missoula to see the Hubs.
We had a sweet weekend! It was just like old times, except I was pregnant. We talked, we laughed, we just hung out and it was so very nice.

Friday: We went to Jeff's ROTC Celebration thing. After that we pretty much went back to where we were staying and went to sleep. We were both pretty tired. I know, we're thrilling.

Saturday: Got up, grabbed a bagel from my favorite bagel place in Missoula. Walked downtown a bit and attempted to go to the St. Patrick's Day Parade, but we ran into this instead

First it was rain, but then...

It was snow. Boo!

So we nixed the parade and went over to visit my grandparents for a bit before heading to the theaters to see 21 Jump Street. Holy hilarious Batman!
After the movie, Jeff went to the gym and I took a good two hour nap. It was amazing.
Then we ate dinner here

Oh ho ho! YUM! For those of my family that read this blog, I'm sure some of you are cheering right now. I rarely eat meat and even went through a period where I didn't eat meat at all. So, you see that burger there on the bottom. That was my burger and it was SO SO SO good. I would totally go back there...soon.
After dinner we were stuffed so we walked around Target and then I got a little ice cream treat.
We went back and forth a little about maybe going downtown for a bit just to people watch, but we decided against it and rented a movie instead.

The movie, Young Adult, was horrible. I hated it. So I kept myself amused by taking pictures of my dog's butt.

We were in bed by 11:00 p.m. Aren't we just AWE-some!
It was a really nice weekend.
It was nice to just be with Jeff and go at our own pace for once.
It was also nice to spend time with Princess Fluffy LaRoux...even if she does hate riding in the car and usually throws up after a ride.

Yes, Lucy, I'm looking at you.

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