Monday, March 12, 2012


Excuse me while the pregnant and hormonal me gets all weepy for a moment.
My baby is three today. THREE. Three.
How did that happen?
Last night, I snuggled in bed with him and he asked, as he always asks, "Will you tell me a story Mommy?"
Usually I decline and sing him a song instead (I'm much better at making up songs than stories), but last night I obliged and told Caderyn all about his arrival into this world. 
I told him how excited we were to meet him. I told him Mommy and Daddy both loved him the second he came into this world.
 One never fully understands the meaning of true and powerful love until you have a child. 
The second your eyes meet in this world is the end all for mothers. 
From that second, I was his and he was mine. 
I told Caderyn how nervous Mommy was about bringing him home (being a first time mom and all).
I told him how I could hardly sleep because I kept waking up to make sure he was still breathing and checking to see if he was too hot or too cold. 
His Daddy was the same way. All I remember of those first few weeks was how much Jeff held Caderyn and snuggled him. How he talked to him and told him stories. To this day, Jeff still caves immediately when Caderyn asks him to read or tell him a story. Time stops when those two are on the couch talking or in bed telling tales.

My child is three.  Part of me is sad and yet part of me is so happy to see our son growing up.
He talks ALL of the time.
He thinks.
He plays.
He laughs.
He loves.
He is my favorite.

Today he told me, "No, I'm not three anymore. I'm FIVE now." And then to prove his point, he held up five fingers just to show me.
Not yet my son, I thought, not yet. You stay three today. We'll talk about turning five tomorrow.
(Side note: He only wants to be five because when we had his swim party this weekend he found out you had to be five years old to go into the hot tub. So, now he's determined to be five.)

 Caderyn was born on March 12 at 7:33 p.m.
He was a lanky and hungry little dude.

Oh how time flies.

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