Friday, March 30, 2012


Ever have one of those weeks where you just feel uninspired?
This was one of those weeks for me.
My house was a mess, I just kind of looked at my son with glazed over eyes when he'd ask me a question, and my mind would wander to some of the most panicky of places.
Fear of the unknown crowded in around my thoughts this week.


And on and on this thought process went.

I had the morning off today. I cleaned my entire house, except for the kitchen because by the time I got there my poor back just couldn't take it anymore. I did some serious spring cleaning and I chatted with my son.
I'm climbing out of the haze I was in this week. Hazes don't suit me well. They make me look frumpy and unapproachable.
I'm anxious to have my husband home with us all week and thankful for the time we will get with him.

Today, my motto (and I use this all of the time because it is my FAVORITE) is:

     Always let your faith be bigger than your fear

Sometimes it is too easy to let fear of the unknown take over your life. I refuse to give in to this, and try every day to truly believe and have faith that things will get better no matter the toil.
No matter what happens, nothing will ever truly be hopeless.
We have a support system.
We have each other.
We have so much to be thankful for.
And, well, we'll always have our humor.

Especially this guy.
Yes, he is wearing my shoes. I told him to act like Mommy and that is what he did...I totally DON'T do I?

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Eden said...

Sometimes the thought process is worse than what we're actually thinking about ;-)