Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Over the course of February and March, I have embarked on a great journey.
What kind of a journey, you ask?
Well, I'm glad you asked.

I have thus taken it upon my weary shoulders to watch all of the Harry Potter movies until they are done.
Consequently, and because I have no life, I have also burdened myself with re-reading all of the Harry Potter books again.
You may call me crazy, I call it a challenge.
I stopped seeing the movies sometime after the 5th one came out, probably because I ran out of time to see movies. You know, I had a kid. He takes up a lot of my movie viewing time.
I do remember reading all of the wonderful books. The final one came out right before my wedding and I plowed through that sucker whilst buried among wedding plans. That be talent, yo.

So in February, I started watching the movies again. Personally, I think movies 1-4 are kind of silly. But, I also realize that this is the time when Harry is innocent and the whole wizard experience is still so new to him (my goodness, am I really analyzing these movies? Yes, yes I am). The fourth movie just touches on the darkness to come, but still keeps a kind of hokey, corny vibe to it. Know what I'm saying?
Well the fifth one, hooooo, the fifth one. That one just goes to all new levels of cool. 
I think the fifth one is my favorite because of the way Harry is shown struggling against the Darkness.
(Good Lord am I still analyzing this!? I love a good conflict.)
The fifth one just knocked my socks off compared to the other previous movies and from there they definitely get very interesting.

So, as I sat down on Monday to watch the final Harry Potter movie (remember, the last one was done in two parts), it was with a bit of a heavy heart. These movies and I, we'd been connecting with each other. They'd been entertaining me during my lonely nights and I'd been providing them with un-needed criticism and praise like it was my job.
The movie began, already on a sad note, because remember, Dobby died (Ahh! I ruined it for some poor soul out there) and just goes to all new levels of awesome.
Gosh, throughout most of that movie don't you just feel like there is absolutely NO hope at all?

Well, the end came when people were dying, Snape gets murdered and his tears reveal that, hey, he actually wasn't that bad of a guy, and then Harry does the hero's descent into darkness to face the evil that awaits and there I am on the couch *crying.* Great Oden's Raven!
I blame the pregnancy. Oh and to top it off, my friend Lisa totally caught me crying when she stopped by the house. Talk about embarassment!

And now, the movies are over and I don't really know what to do with myself...I feel a little lost.
Probably a little bit like Harry did when that part of Voldemort died inside of him. You know, that part of him that was the horcrux.
(OH YEAH, I referenced that).
I still have the books. I'm about seven chapters into the second one.
Methinks my children will need to have all of these movies for themselves.
So, to console my grief I'm probably going to buy the Harry Potter Collector's Edition when it comes out in September of 2012. Hopefully the price goes's nearly $400 right now. WOOF!

P.S. Does anyone else out there agree I would have made a WAY better Ginny Weasley? I can TOTALLY pull off a British accent.
But, I probably would have been way taller than DanRad. Plus, our super pasty skin together might have been an issue.

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The McGregor Clan said...

We read through the series in a summer. L-O-V-E it. I am not even into that type of fiction, but I loved the characters, the world, and the magic. I too felt sad when it was over. I wish JK Rowling would write another series.