Monday, March 26, 2012


Looked a lot like this:
We were back and forth to the potty all weekend.
Caderyn did a half day on Saturday with no accidents and lots of pees in the potty.
Caderyn did a full day Sunday of going pee in the potty. He wore big boy undies all morning and then switched to a pull up in the afternoon. He did have an accident in his pull up over nap time, but that is to be expected.
He refused to poop or try pooping unless he was watching seen above.
He didn't poop yesterday at all.
Then he unleashed a huge L-O-A-D today in his diaper while I was in the bathroom.
Sneaky, sneaky.
I was trying to keep a close eye on him and everything. It literally happened in the span of the two minutes when I was putting my contacts in.

We're taking it slowly, but also aggressively.
I don't want to give him a weird complex about going to the bathroom, but I am so ready for him to not be in diapers.

We didn't leave the house much. We pretty much lounged around in our sweats, let the house get messy and watched some movies. Oh and it freaking snowed again:
Those weather reports of high 50s and gorgeous sunshine were a LIE. This was on Friday and it was still all wet and mushy on Saturday. Come the heck on sunshine! I'm ready to see you!

Sunday was still cold and gray, but the clouds parted toward dinnertime for a good two hour stretch where we went outside for a walk and did some yard work. Jeff got a good chunk of the dog poop out of the yard and we even found a dead squirrel that Caderyn was fascinated with.

Makes me wonder what this little princess has been up to outside all of these past four months of winter...
I don't even want to know.

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