Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Aaaand I'm 27.
Twenty-seven seems a heck of a lot older than 26. Being 26, I could still straddle the early-20s boundary just a little. Twenty-seven just solidifies the fact that I'm getting older.
I remember turning 16 and thinking, "Only five more years until I'm 21."
I remember turning 21 and thinking, "Well what happens now?"
Well my dear Sarah, 27 happens now.
Look at how far you've come.
Sixteen-year-old Sarah, you had bangs, and super, super frizzy curly hair.
Now you don't have bangs, but you still do have that frizzy curly hair. Blast!
Sixteen-year-old Sarah didn't have her first boyfriend until your 17th year and it only lasted about three months. Now, you're married to the third guy you ever dated (Counting the high school boyfriend). I'd say that's pretty good. You weren't one to play the field my dear. You knew what you were looking for and you found that when you were 18 and held on to it. Sixteen-year-old Sarah will be happy to know Jeff's a pretty great guy. You love him very much and have felt that love reach new levels with each passing year. You'll be married FIVE years in August.
Sixteen-year-old Sarah only wanted to go to college in Montana. You did that and graduated, all in four years-- good job!
Sixteen-year-old Sarah wanted to get married young and have a family.
Well, at 27, you've accomplished all of that. You got married at 22, had a cute little guy at 24 and will now have another cute little guy at the age of 27. You're moving right along!
So what happens next?
Sarah, aged 27 and married mother of two would like to know...

Wouldn't you?

Well Sarah, aged 27 and the past Sarah, aged 16, the sky is really the limit for you and your family. Jeff is back in school and once he's done the future could possibly hold many things. You could move, you could stay, you could maybe, possibly work part-time. You could finally buy a house with a big tub just like you've dreamed. Oh and that mini van could be in your sights as well as another little baby one day. That's great! Not many people have that option at age 27!
So what do I, Sarah, aged 27, want for my 27th year?
I want good health, continued happiness, more money income (please oh please can I win the lottery?), a smooth delivery of a healthy little boy, and united and loving family of four. I want to continue my freelance work and read more books. I want to drop the baby weight quickly so I can look good in my friend's wedding come September. I want to continue to pay our bills. I want my husband to flourish in school and ROTC and I want to see my parents more.

In summary, I think 27 will be a good year for me. Just like 26 was a pretty darn-good year.
I had a lovely birthday. I spent the weekend with my mother-in-law. I got to eat lots of good food, sleep in both days (THANK YOU PAM!), I got to snuggle my kiddo and spend time with my friends and laugh until my sides hurt. I got to spend time with my husband and got many, many messages wishing me Happy Birthday. This filled my heart to the brim.
Random picture of Sarah and Jeff from college: