Thursday, March 22, 2012


I've been doing a lot of reflection lately about how I want my delivery with our second baby to go.
Of course nothing really ever goes truly as planned, but I do have a few things up in my head that I know I want differently. I am going to categorize them as HOSPITAL BAG and LABOR and DELIVERY.
Here are my thoughts as I get closer to this second delivery.

For one thing, I would like to NOT forget my hospital bag like I did the first time. Oh how funny! In our excitement, we left the bag and had to have a friend of Jeff's bring it to us.
Here is what I will be bringing in the bag this go around.
1. A towel- to sit on if my water breaks at home. Trust me on this, it saves the upholstery in your car.
2. I don't really need a special birthing dress that I see all of these ladies getting, I am perfectly fine in a hospital gown. I rock the open backside like you won't believe ow ow ow!
3. My own clothes, including undies for after the birth. Nothing special, just nice and comfy and stretchy. Those mesh panties the hospital gives you are super sexy, but I found that the after birth ice packs felt much better when you had your own undies on. Plus, the mesh undies give you a weird butt pattern.
4. A new lotion scent for people to rub on my arms and feet.
5. My iPod. Lots of rap music included.
6. Camera
7. My toiletries
8. My slippers
9. Sports bra for nursing and a comfy dress to go home in with flip flops.
10. Pictures to distract me, maybe a book
11. My birth plan
12. Baby stuff
13. My own pillow.
Side note: I want someone to braid my hair really nicely...does anyone know how to braid hair?

1. Absolutely NO Food Network is to be shown during any point of my laboring. This was on the last time and I was starving, freaking starving the whole time and just watching that made it so painful!
2. Only two people in the room with me, my mom and Jeff. Nurse- obviously. But no one else unless I say so. Our last one was very busy with people in and out and I felt a little overwhelmed at times.
3. I want to take a bath or shower before anything is done.
4. I want to walk around more than I was allowed to the last time. I felt I sat a lot and I don't want to do that. I want to be able to move until I decide I don't want to move anymore.
5. I want the room fairly quiet and calm.
6. I want to see how far I can get before any pain medicine is administered, if at all...knowing me, I will probably have an epidural again.
7. Don't rush me, it's my body.

1. Again, minimal amount of people in the room.
2. If I have a complication with a membrane again, just let the doctor go ahead and slice it.
3. Please don't let me tear as badly as I tore with Caderyn. Please, please please.
Avoid every possible way of using that vacuum thing on the baby. Caderyn's poor little head was shaped like a cone! But, as opposed to either forceps or a C-section, that seemed like the best option since I was so exhausted.
4. If there are not problems with the delivery and the baby, please put him right on my chest. Right away.
5. Give my husband and I time to bond with him before any tests are administered.
6. Lactation consultant in STAT. I had a lot of problems with the first baby and feeding, I'm not taking any risks with this one.
7. If baby is born in morning or during day, only one visitor in at a time.
8. No lanolin, I will take the prescription nipple cream thank you very much.
9. Absolutely no filming of my hooha. Jeff, this is for you. I have been forever ruined with birth films after watching the one YOU took of our son's delivery three years ago. No pictures of the baby coming out. No thank you.
10. Unless I am absolutely wiped out like I was after my first delivery, just let me hold that baby. I didn't get to do that with Caderyn because of our rough delivery, so please, I just want to hold him and look at him and snuggle him.

And that's what I've got so far.
Oh yes, I looked and felt like a trainwreck after all that laboring. I was not a pretty pregnant gal.

Brand new cone-headed baby! This gal was holding him up because I hadn't gotten to see him yet. Those birth complications, complicating everything and postponing me meeting my son.

And there we are. I get to meet my guy.

Family of three. Never the same again!


B, in the Great Funkk said...

Wow. He looks just like he does now in that pic where the nurse was holding him up.

Sarah said...

Crazy and crabby? Yep, that pretty much sums him up :)