Friday, March 9, 2012


This week, her royal princess of fluffiness has had the distinguished honor of accompanying me to work.
She thinks she is a pretty big deal when that happens.
She has the regular people she needs to visit with in order to have the belly scratched and then she eventually finds herself in my office camped in the red fluffy bed in the corner.
She's pretty spoiled. She even has her own bed.
If she's feeling feisty, she stretches, makes a very loud sighing noise and then will grab her mutilated stuffed bear ferociously and shake it like a salt shaker.
If I ask her to help me file paper work or answer the phones, she rolls on to her belly and falls asleep.
She's no help at all.

Where is your sense of dignity!?

No, I will not answer your phone.

No. I'm busy.

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