Thursday, April 5, 2012


This is my "Holy crap, how can I get any bigger?" face. 

How far along? 29 weeks. Only 11 weeks until he arrives. We are in the third trimester and after my next doctor's appointment at the end of April, I start going every two weeks for checkups.
Weight gain/loss/stretch marks: Oh how my legs now touch. I've been walking as much as possible and rubbing on the Vitamin E. At my appointment last week, my doctor told me I'm measuring much smaller with this baby than with Caderyn. I looked at her point blank and said, "Are you serious?"
I just feel large. I haven't had a huge appetite this week, but I still just seem to get bigger and bigger. I just think Jeff and I have very long babies and that contributes to the growth. This week I feel so much bigger than last week.
Maternity clothes? Oh yes. And I've noticed even those are getting smallish, tighter.
Sleep? Not great, but not bad. I've taken some naps this week so that's helped. He is still just a little stinker and kicks and punches and rolls constantly. Jeff and I have snuggled in bed nearly every night this week and just watched my belly roll and bump. Jeff can only watch for a few minutes because it freaks him out but I am just fascinated by it.
Best moment(s) this week? Oh child. You have waged war on my uterus. You never stop moving and thought it would be sooo funny to hook yourself up under my ribs pretty much every day this week and then pummel everything in your path. I've been sore this week, but a good sore because I know you are healthy and active. I got some of your baby furniture moved into our room and have started washing and hanging some baby stuff. I feel very accomplished. Also, having Jeff home this week has really been just the best part of my life right now.
Food cravings: Sugary cereals. Veggies on a sub sandwich.
Gender: Pecker checker (Ahhh! I said it.)
Belly button in or out? In but stretched out past the size of a quarter. I'm pretty sure Caderyn likes playing with it so much because he can hear himself echo in it when he talks to the belly.
Movement? Pretty sure this little boy is trying to feng shui my uterus. He never stops moving. Yesterday he actually whacked me so good that I said "Ow" out loud. It hurt! Currently he has hooked himself up under my right rib cage and is having some sort of a meditation there. It is extremely uncomfortable.
What I miss? My balance and grace (ha!). Being able to get up without help. Chasing after Caderyn. Having normal sized boobs.
What I'm looking forward to: Everything that involves getting this little guy out and becoming a part of our family.
Weekly wisdom:
My motherly mantra

Anything else?
  • I sneeze peed last week. It was epic.
  • My feet ache most of the time now.
  • I can still see my feet! Yeah!
  • I'm going to Phoenix to see my parents for Easter and spend the entire week after basking in some sunshine. Be jealous.

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