Friday, April 20, 2012


Our day after the Egg Hunt didn't end. Oh no. We did oh so much more! So much that I had to have a separate post just of the second half.
After the Egg Hunt we booked it over to the Deer Valley airport to watch the airplanes land and take off before having a delicious brunch at their Airport Cafe. This is probably one of my most favorite places to eat in Phoenix. No joke.
Their Spanish Omelet is SO GOOD!
Walking with Papa into the airport and looking at all of the cactus.
Look, it's a bloomin' cactus.
Oh yum!

After the airport Caderyn had his mind set on playing in the pool. And, that's just what he did for about three hours.

Who can spot the shark photo bomb?

After pool, nap time and dinner, Caderyn was ready to color eggs. He stripped himself down to the pull-up so he wouldn't get dirty and then showed us all his muscles while waiting for the egg dye to be ready.

The Mimi hid some Easter eggs so he could practice finding them. Caderyn kept cheating and looking at where she was putting them.
I had yet another impromptu bathroom photo shoot.
Duck face!

Once the eggs were colored and baths were done, Papa set up a movie screen outside and we all watched Cars 2.

It was such a great day and night!!

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B, in the Great Funkk said...

Oh to watch a movie outside. Something I have never done.

And I love the hip out baby body bathroom shot.