Wednesday, April 4, 2012


This week, the Hubs and I were actually able to go out on a double date.
With friends!
To a movie!
It was like a mini-vacation complete with popcorn and peanut M & Ms and multiple trips to the bathroom (curse you Sprite!).

We went and saw The Hunger Games and I liked it! I liked the books better of course, one always does, but I thought the movie was great. No hating here.

After the movie, we stalled going home by talking to our friends in the parking lot.
About what you ask?


Holy crap (pun intended) we talked to our friends about poop.
Potty training and poop.
For like thirty minutes.
As our friends left us for the night I think my husband and I were both a little mortified that we actually kept a conversation about poop going that long.

We got in the car, looked at each other, and busted up laughing at how silly our conversations were.
Conversations that had once held dreams, marriage and future plans now have turned to potty training, poop and the amazing size of our son's #2s. Yes, I went there.

All we could do was laugh.

But you know what, that's why we like those friends of ours.
We may not have many friends these days, but the ones we have understand that we talk about poop and other bodily functions, they understand that sometimes we don't get to shower every day or go out and drink and dance ourselves silly, they understand that we can't go shopping every weekend or have to meticulously plan things into our schedules.
They get us. They don't dis-own us for it.
And they keep calling.

Thanks friends.

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