Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I didn't want to overload everyone with picture envy of my fabulously warm trip to Phoenix, so I thought today would be a good day for a break. Just a quick one. There will be more pictures tomorrow, but just a quick break to talk about this guy.

Caderyn, oh Caderyn.
Mr. Three.
My Buddy.

You are so strong-willed.
You ask SO many questions. In the span of five minutes I actually counted 65!
You talk and talk and never stop. Sometimes it makes my head spin.
You want to know everything.
We think you are very ready for preschool.
You are going on the potty like SUCH a big boy and it make my heart so proud
(I never thought I could be so proud of a poop/pee!)
From the second you wake up in the morning you don't stop.
You have such endless energy.
You want to play, you want to be held, you want to be tickled, you want to be chased.
You are kind.
You struggle to share.
You say things like, "You're my special girl Mommy!" and it just makes me melt.
You also say, "You go to work to make money so I can go on an airplane!"
You love all things with wheels.
You love being outside.
I'm pretty sure, just like your Daddy, you like the sound of your own voice.
You talk in your sleep.
You like to feel important and involved in whatever is going on.
You are a very picky eater.
You are sensitive and sometimes I forget that.
You love to pretend you are a different animal like a dinosaur or a turtle.
You love to think that you are hunting monsters.
You are helpful.
You know you are going to be a big brother and you like talking to the belly.
You frustrate me.
You puzzle me.
I try to over protect and parent you. I need to take a step back sometimes and just let you go.

I am forever yours.

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