Thursday, April 19, 2012


I will say this. As Caderyn gets older, these egg hunts are becoming totally awesome!
My parents live close to the Peoria Sports Complex. This is home to spring training games, concert venues etc. Every year a family sponsors a large Easter celebration for all age groups.
There are candy and egg hunts, a petting zoo, rides, slides, and all sorts of games.
(It is also a prime location for people watching, oh yes)
We took Caderyn to the three year old egg and candy dash this year. This was his first time going and definitely not our last.
So much sunshine his shades can hardly contain themselves!
Yes, he is excited.
Grandpa S gets him wound up with a tickle session.
And then Grandpa S taught Caderyn a trick where you twist your ear and pop out your tongue.
Please note my Grandma's face in the background and how we all felt about this (Ha ha!)
Checking out the three year old competition.

That's a whole lot of kids!
Watching them throw candy on the field.
Caderyn's entourage.
Made a friend!
Talking game plan with Mimi.

Got some good loot!
Happy day.

After this Caderyn went down a Lighting McQueen blow up slide twice and then we got out of there quickly because it was hot and we needed to eat something before he went into meltdown mode.
If anyone is in the Phoenix area for Easter next year, I highly recommend checking this thing out.
It was fun!

More on this day tomorrow!

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