Sunday, April 15, 2012


Hoooo boy! Are you all ready for a massive picture influx?
Usually I drag this out over the course of 2-3 weeks, but this time I'm trying to get everything in so we can just keep on rolling with the punches.

We are back from our fun-filled vacation of sunshine and family.
And it snowed here.

Day One in Arizona (according to my phone): 
Checking out his new tool bench with Papa and building something.  
Eating at Hot Bagels. MY FAVORITE. 
Eating lunch at In N Out. Also my favorite and now Caderyn's. 
Scaring Great-Grandma with his new monster hat after a delicious dinner. 
Thinking he is pretty darn funny.

Day Two in Arizona (according to my phone): 
Heading to the Easter Egg Hunt at Peoria Sports Complex 
Mimi just couldn't be happier.  
Showing off his loot after the hunt.  
Going down the Lightning McQueen slide. No fear! 
Little boy SO happy to meet a fireman and sit in the fire truck. He kept telling this guy he wanted to drive the truck.  
Bye Firemen! 
Stars in his eyes.  
Brunch at the Deer Valley Airport. Watching the airplanes land and take off. 
LOVES the water.  

He convinced Papa to take him all the way in the pool. 
The only cupcake I ate on this trip. Too rich! 
Showing off his muscles before coloring eggs.  
An artist at work.  

Yeah- these were just the first two days on my phone! I bet y'all can't wait to see what I have on my camera!

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