Monday, April 16, 2012


More pictures from the phone. Once I find my computer connector for my camera I will have lots more pictures for everyone! Be excited!

Day three: EASTER
Checking out what the Easter Bunny brought him.  
Park pictures after church.  
Bike ride with his new helmet.

Day four: Wildlife Zoo
Macaws are now Caderyn's favorite bird.  
Mr. Cool on the Safari Train Ride 
The Safari Train Ride 
Just lounging in the shade.  
Feeding giraffes! 
Checking out turtles and snakes 
Caderyn loved the turtles and now pretends he is one when he plays.  
Well hello there... 
Does this remind anyone of those creepy bird puppets from The Dark Crystal? 
Checking out Sting Rays 
Wow! Fish! 

He wouldn't touch these, but would just splash quickly at the water when one went by.  
Oh my. Sooo tired!

Day 5: The Natural History Museum Dinosaur/Rock Exhibit and the McCormick Train Park
Checking out the dino display.  
Getting ready for a train ride.  
Playing on a trolley.
Train ride with ole' preggo face in the back.  
Still has enough energy to wrestle with Papa after all of that!

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