Friday, April 13, 2012


Well, we've officially announced the name of our second child.
I figured since we only have about 10 weeks or less, we'd better make it real and start referring to him more often by his name.


I have always loved this name.
This is actually my Grandpa's (paternal) name and I love him. He is funny, energetic and contagiously happy.
Both of my Grandpa's are like you see where I get some of my awesomeness?
I imagine this is how my second little boy will be. He will be funny and full of life and contagiously happy with the amount of love our family has to give both him and his brother.
I imagine, just like his brother, this little boy will be a bit of am imp and full of the funnies.

There are lots of interpretations of the name Gabriel, but my favorite is :
"Strong man of God"
I find this very fitting for our strong little man.
After everything he and I had been through together those first three months (Story 1 and Story 2)
I really feel like he is strong.
Strong of body, strong of mind, strong of faith, strong of person.
He echoes my thoughts on this by constantly providing strong, hard kicks that make me stop what I'm doing and place my hands over my belly.
He wakes me up at night with his kicks, he makes me laugh over his elbow jabs. He hasn't stuck to a routine, but rather seems to go at his pace, as he likes.
Yes, this little boy is strong. He is a fighter.
He is Gabriel.

We are getting so excited to meet him!

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