Monday, April 30, 2012


Our weekend was really nice. Despite my  having to work Friday night and Saturday, the husband and I got in a date (kind of- it was work related and i had to work after), we got in lots of Caderyn time, we played with neighbors and had an impromptu dinner party, we watched Crazy, Stupid Love and both Jeff and I loved it. There was laughing, hiking, eating, and sleeping.
It was a good one.
I liked it.

Super Caderyn 
What happens to naughty little dogs who roll in deer pee.

How dejected said naughty little dogs look after their baths. 
My guys going hiking. 
The FABULOUS "porn room" I looked at in the house my parents are renting for the summer. Nothing updated (except for the electronics) since the 1970s. The wall paper is gold and red velvet, yes. One half of the wall is all mirrors and those are some creepy porcelain dolls. My parents are going to love it!

A surprise visit from Papa Swan as he and my grandparents drove the motor home back from Arizona.

A much, much needed nap.

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