Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Here are the last of the pictures from our trip. After the museum and train park, we just kind of hung around the house a lot.

No nice picture with Papa, someone needs to get busy looking at stuff!
Caderyn's favorite part of the museum was this waterfall display that flooded.
Checking out the dinosaurs with Mimi and Grandpa
Please note: My son would look at each display for a total of three seconds and then be on to the next one.
Why the long face?
The turtle room.  Ha ha, Caderyn has a funny face.
Family joke. 90 million years ago this was ALL under water.
The activity room was also up there on Caderyn's list.


Next was the train park
Waiting for the train

All aboard
Oh, hey ladies!
The model train building. Basically this whole building was full of moving model trains and villages.
Playing on the trolley. Caderyn made a friend!
Cars is WAY better than Cars 2.
Psh. What the heck are you talking about?
Both of them ROCK!

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