Thursday, May 31, 2012


Well, hello there ninth month and full-term. I knew we would reach you eventually.
You all have NO idea how sexy my waddle is right now. Seriously, its too hot to handle.
I look so grumpy in this picture!!! I'm really not! I think I was just concentrating really hard on taking the picture. Funny though how this picture captures how tired I am and swollen. Just look at that beautiful double chin will you!?!
As you will probably notice, these aren't the usual bathroom pictures. I didn't have the energy or time to stand in front of a mirror.

How far along? 37 weeks. Measuring right no track. No checks this week on dilation progression and I'm just fine with that.
Maternity clothes? I wore sweatpants to work and no one noticed ;) Well, they were maternity yoga pants and they look dressy.
Sleep? Hah! I fall asleep like a dream and usually stay pretty sound asleep until 4:00 a.m. Then the bathroom trips and back aches really start to kick in.
Best moment(s) this week? Sitting. Finishing the baby space. Getting some stuff crossed of my to do list.
Food cravings: Sub Sammies and Cheetos. Good Lawd I love those things! Cake.
Gender: Busy Boy.
Belly button in or out? Still in.
Movement? Much slower and more pronounced. I can kind of tell where certain parts of him are. Occasionally I think he gets startled and gives me a few good thumps that startle me.
What I miss? Bending over normally.
What I'm looking forward to: Baby, maternity leave, my parents being here!
Weekly wisdom: Just eat the cookie.
Anything else?
  • More people this week have asked me when I'm due than throughout this entire pregnancy. Must be the "yes I know I'm pregnant, ask me about it!" look I have on my face all of the time.
  • Long baby boy is perfectly positioned. He hasn't dropped yet and he gets the hiccups a lot.
  • My whole belly moves now when little boy has the hiccups.
  • My stomach is much more sensitive this week than any other week/month during this pregnancy.
  • Caderyn has started to get a little violent toward the belly this week. He has been swatting it, kneeing it and kicking his feet out at it. Should I be worried?
  • I constantly worry about sneeze-peeing. It hasn't really happened, but the thought is always in the back of my mind.
  • Hot showers are AMAZING right now.
  • Baby weighs anywhere from 6-7.5 pounds right now.
  • If born at this stage, baby would almost certainly thrive.
  • I am pooped.


As I mentioned earlier, this bag isn't completely packed yet.
We're still using some of the stuff that we need to take, so bear with me.

1. A medium sized bag with handles. This just so happens to be an expanding bag, which I loooove.

2. My stuff: 1 pair comfy maternity pants, 1 pair of comfy shorts, your own underwear (oh yeah!) and my muckluck slippers. I will also be packing sports bras, and t-shirts, one dress to come home in. some socks, my toiletries and my own pillow.

3. Jeff's stuff: Swim trunks (I plan on using the big tub at the hospital), pj pants and a comfy pair of shorts. He will also get two shirts, one nice outfit, socks, his toiletries, his pillow, a blanket and snacks. He keeps eating the snacks I buy right now.

4. More stuff for me: Boob pads, Vanilla Bean body lotion and those glorious. GLORIOUS pads.

I will also be packing: My iPod, a book, the camera, all of my insurance information and my phone and camera charger.

I don't have anything fancy. I'm not going to take a picture book like I know some mothers do. My thoughts on that are, what if I have a bad labor experience while looking at the pictures? What if I can't look at those pictures again after that?
I don't have a special birthing gown. I don't need a special gown to feel pretty or empowered. I just want to get there and do my job so I can hold my little guy in my arms and snuggle him. I will take the hospital ensemble.
Other than my birth plan, I don't have specific instructions or directions. I know how my first delivery went and I based everything I wanted on how that delivery with Caderyn worked/ didn't work.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I was too tired yesterday to finish packing my hospital bag, so I took a picture of some of the other, random stuff we will be taking with us to the hospital.
1. The feeding pillow. Not only will it be an extra pillow and source of comfort for you, but it will be way better than any of the hospital pillows they try to prop the baby up with when you're feeding.

2. The boob pump. Oh yes. I forgot how to use this reliable machine, so I am taking it with me so the lactation consultant can show me all over again.

This couch in our house is currently designated the "Baby Couch." Everything we want to take to the hospital goes on this couch. So some other things I can't forget to take with me to the hospital:
1. My birth plan. Obviously very important. My midwife has a copy of this and then I have a copy. My copy has already been written on multiple times, by me.
2. A towel- not a super nice one. This is in case my water breaks before we go to the hospital or on the way to the hospital. With Caderyn, my very first image of what water breaking looked like was just this little gush and trickle. BUT NO. It was a huge rush of water that continued to gush with each contraction. Thankfully, I had a doula with me and she grabbed a towel for me to sit on during our drive to the hospital. This literally saved the passenger seat on our car. Seriously, it's gross, but you would never think to grab a towel, would you?! I also left little water trickles all along the hallway of the hospital when I was contracting and walking, so it was also nice to have the towel so Jeff could wipe everything up.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Now that I kind of know what to expect this time around, I am like freakishly organized.The baby's bag is ready, our bag is like 75% ready and I've added a few things along the way I remember really needing last time.
So, if I have a little bit of time here or there this week, I'm going to enlighten you on what I would/wouldn't bring.

Today, we'll focus on the baby bag.
First things first. DON'T forget your baby bag. We did with Caderyn. It was really awkward explaining to a guy friend of Jeff's where to find the bag and what things needed to be in it. Yes, I, of all people, was not prepared at all.
Secondly, pack a separate bag for yourself and a bag for the baby. Don't try to combine.

My idea of packing for the hospital might be a little one-sided since I've only had boys. I don't know if little girls need anything different, but this is what I do know little boys need during their first day or two in the hospital.
Sorry for the mediocre pictures. I don't have the time or patience to charge my camera right now.

1. Not pictured. Make sure you have a diaper bag that you like. Mine is Vera Bradley (click the link to see what mine looks like) and I LOVE it. It didn't break the bank and has lots of room. I used this one with Caderyn too and plan on using it with all my children until it dies on me.

2. Two swaddling blankets. One of these blankets was made by my grandma and another by Jeff's aunt. Seriously, if you can get someone to make the receiving blankets for you, DO IT. Homemade ones are SO much better than the store-bought ones. They are usually bigger and keep the swaddle together much better.

3. Burp cloths. I think this one is pretty obvious. I'm taking some that my grandma made, because, like I said, anything homemade is usually ten times better.

4. A pacifier.

5. A comfort blanket.

6. Gauze strips and Vaseline. This is for the little guy's little guy after he gets circumcised- if you go that route. Some doctor's put a shield over the wink (yes, I called it that), while others recommend just using gauze and Vaseline. We use gauze and Vaseline.

7. Cute dinosaur slippers. These are more for me than anything else. They are too cute to leave.

8. Hats. The hospital will give you a hat, so this isn't necessary, but my grandpa (whom Gabriel is named after) makes hats. I have three packed, all different sizes because I don't know the size of this baby's noggin. Caderyn's very first picture was in a yellow hat my grandpa made and Gabriel's first picture will also be in one of these hats.

9. Socks. Chilly feet.
10. Diapers. Captain Obvious.
11. Two onesies and two outfits. I plan on staying two nights, so you generally pack outfits based on how long you plan on staying. Onesies are for warmer weather and the outfits are for cooler.

12. Not pictured. The baby book. For memories.

I'm pretty sure that's everything we will need. My other set of advice is to take everything from the hospital crib, except for the crib itself. Take the nose sucker- you won't find another that's better. Take the diapers- take them take them! Take the sponge and brush- it is so soft! Take the pink cloth wipes-they are the only things that will get rid of the meconium! I would leave the blanket though. 

Monday, May 28, 2012


Better late than never, right?
We snuck out of town this weekend and pretty much dropped off the face of the earth.
It rained all weekend. I slept, read and ate. It was wonderful.

Happy Memorial Day!
Thank you to all of the men and women who serve and have served our country.
Today I am especially thankful for my husband. He made a choice in his life to challenge himself and work towards creating a better life for our family.
He joined the Montana Air National Guard just a little over a year and a half ago.
So much has happened since then. He left us for nearly four months to attend boot camp in Georgia. He has served one weekend a month faithfully and in doing so has provided AMAZING health care for our family.
He left his job at the newspaper to attend a Master's and ROTC program full time. He has worked hard, getting up early, early mornings for physical trainings and then has slaved late into the nights to complete homework assignments. He does this so he can pursue a career in the military full-time.
It has not been easy. We have been apart.
But Jeff is a part of something greater now. He works individually and as a team to serve and better our country.
Although there have been moments of frustration, the military always seems to come through with something great and amazing for our family.
I am proud of my husband and his service.
I am excited for him to finish this journey and to see where the next step will take our family.

Friday, May 25, 2012


We didn't really do all that much this week because, you know, I'm pregnant and what not.
But, I sure did take a lot of pictures!
First things first. Let's start off with a tribute to my dog.
Such strange bedfellows we keep these days.  

The weather was just so-so this week, but we did get in a nice family walk.
It soon turned into a daring rescue by Super Caderyn who saved the neighborhood from peril.

I like him.  
Zooming over the sidewalks 
Proof that even superheroes need a break.

Scaling daring heights

And then we'll just round out our week with the highlight being my pedicure and the largeness of my belly.

Pretty toes, swollen feet.


Thursday, May 24, 2012


I broke out the waddle this week!
How far along? 36 weeks. I am one centimeter dilated.
Maternity clothes? Can I just wear sweatpants to work already?
Sleep? Terrible. But, you wouldn't be able to sleep too if you were carrying a constantly rolling bowling ball in your stomach.
Best moment(s) this week? Eating. Yep. I went there. Pretty much everything I am eating is amazing.
Food cravings: Cold stuff. Spicy rice. Cheese. Also, it is 9:00 p.m. and I just polished off a bowl of Lucky Charms. It was delish.
Gender: Had an ultrasound yesterday and my doctor did indeed confirm that this little one is still and will always be a BOY.
Belly button in or out? Stretched to oblivion, but not external.
Movement? Slower movement, much more distinct and centered in a certain location. I can tell when he is resting his butt against my belly and I love pinching it.
What I miss? Pretty much everything. Patience, especially this week. I'm trying so so hard to be patient with Caderyn. All I want to do is sleep or sit and he just won't have that. He has also been really defiant lately and just trying to push our buttons to the extreme. Jeff and I have also decided to write a book called, "Questions, Answers: How to answer the 400+ questions your toddler will come up with in a single day."
What I'm looking forward to: Baby!
Weekly wisdom: Just keep swimming...
Anything else?
  • We are finishing the baby space and bringing out all of our baby stuff. I hope to have a few pictures of what we're doing with limited space.
  • My blood pressure is still high, but they can get it down pretty quickly if I just lay down.
  • Lots of random shooting pain in the groin area- probably means the hips are getting ready for baby.
  • Braxton Hicks contractions!
  • I have another bladder infection...insert sarcastic "Woooo" here. When this guy kicks me in the bladder it HURTS.
  • Ultrasound yesterday showed everything looked great! He is LONG and normal sized for the gestation (yay! no monster-sized baby). I have lots of good looking fluid, according to my guess.
  • He is head down and facing my tailbone so he wouldn't give us a profile. That didn't bother me too much though, I'd rather be surprised.
  • Went over the birth plan with my doctor and she LOVED it. She said it was the most thorough and thought out plan she'd ever been given. I felt awesome when I left her office yesterday.
  • For some reason, people are really pointing out the fact that I'm pregnant more this week than any time prior. Yesterday I had three random people rub my tummy. It really doesn't bother me that much, it actually feels kind of good. Then I had at least four people ask me when I was due.
  • Today I had a guy tell me I only looked 7 months pregnant, I told him if I wasn't already married, he would be up there on my husband-to-be list for his kind words. I had two people rub my belly today.

I am pooped.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Yeah. I jumped on that band wagon.
The first book made me blush, giggle and have to leave the room at certain points because I was embarrassed.
The second book just kind of...disgusted me.
The third book I'm almost finished with and I really just want to punch each of the characters in their STUPID faces. But, gosh dang it, I'm finishing the series.

Yep, still working through this series. Love it, but the Grey books kind of took over my life.

I'm like 5% in to this book on my Kindle. It cracked me up. I had to put it down and go watch the movie (minus the zombies). I will finish it sometime in the near future.

I'm also reading some baby books. Just to refresh my memory.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


1. What I'm Reading
2. A little peek at some of our baby stuff
3. What I'm taking with me to the hospital this time
4. 36 weeks of pregnancy

The anticipation is killing you.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


There are so many good-looking movies coming out this summer.
This is probably the first summer in like five years I've been so excited about movies.

Here are the ones I want to see:

GI Joe (yes I actually want to see this)
The Amazing Spiderman
Snow White and the Huntsman
The Dark Knight Rises
Rock of Ages
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Magic Mike
The Bourne Legacy

Who's with me???????

Friday, May 18, 2012


If there has ever been one week in particular that I feel more pregnant than any other week, I think that this would be the week.
I'm tired. I have no energy. I'm swollen. I'm a smidge crabby. Whine whine whine!
Thank heavens Jeff has been here to take over parenting because I haven't really done anything.
I did make dinner last night. That was a big accomplishment.

How far along? 35 weeks
Maternity clothes? Please. Even those are getting small. My belly is HUGE.
Sleep? Awful. Oh well. I'm going to sleep a ton this weekend. Lots of naps are in order. Baby has a party starting around 10:00 p.m. that usually goes until 11:30 or midnight and then he wakes up again around 5:00 a.m. and has another party. Lots of bumping and stretching and jumping.
Best moment(s) this week? Eating a popsicle. Those things taste yummy! Laughing at my crazy belly. It was almost like Gabriel was trying to stand up inside my tummy.
Food cravings: One minute I will crave something and then the next I could care less if I eat. Like last night, I really wanted to eat some leftover rice around 10:00 p.m. and then I was building myself up to eating that rice and then out of no where I was done. I didn't want anymore. I went to bed. I did really want a grilled cheese and some tomato soup yesterday and I got it! Small bit of heartburn also helps me from eating tons of stuff.
Gender: Blue dude
Belly button in or out? Depending on where Gabriel is in my belly, it is very stretched.
Movement? Heavens yes.
What I miss? Pretty much everything. I would really, really love to sleep on my tummy. I would love a beer. I would love to sleep pain free through the night. I would love to run and not waddle.
What I'm looking forward to: Getting everything ready to go for this little dude and getting my parents here. I think someone might decide to arrive early.
Weekly wisdom: Let Jeff do pretty much everything.
Anything else?
I spent most of the morning in the doctor's office yesterday because my blood pressure was really high. I had headaches, was nauseous and dizzy and swollen. Not as swollen as with Caderyn, but pretty swollen.
They took my blood pressure a gazillion times, did some stress tests, made me lie down and then did a bunch of bloodwork. Oh and she made me drink some Pedialyte-- which did wonders for the nausea (???!!!). They got my blood pressure down and sent me on my way with lots of instructions for relaxation. Basically, I come home, have a snack and sit on the couch.

I am officially in the last week of my 8th month.

Baby is the size of a large cantalope.
My birth predictions:
     Day: June 18 around 3:00 a.m.
     Weight: 8 lbs exactly
     Height: 23 inches
     Hair color: Red!

I really could care less if I ate right now. Only ice cream and posicles truly sound good because I'm so hot!
I had a baby shower last weekend and got super spoiled! Of course, I didn't take any pictures.
We spent a lot of time outside this week in Caderyn's new pool.
The preggo waddle is in full force this week.
My hips are starting to ache again.
Swollen feet= flip flops at work!
Yesterday I went to Target and got everything I needed for my delivery and the baby in the hospital.
I kind of started packing the hospital bag and the baby bag. Kind of.
We have a doctor's appointment next Wednesday and we get an ultrasound!

I just need to hang on with this little guy until my parents are here and Jeff is back from Guard training.

What else? Oh, here are some pictures from the week.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


I am 35 weeks pregnant today.
I do not have an update post.
I didn't take any pictures of myself this week.

I am huge. I am swollen. I am hot all of the time. I look a little bit like death.

My blood pressure is really high and I got pretty sick last night because of that and the heat.
I spent my morning at the doctor.
Baby Gabriel is GREAT! He is a maniac in my belly.
They got my blood pressure down. Did a stress test. Gave me some Pedialyte which helped with my dizziness and nausea and then did a bunch of blood work.

So we're doing better.
Hopefully everything is fine in my blood work and we will move on to next week.
I'm really not all that is great. It's just training now for my maternity leave.
Jeff is home and has been super helpful with Caderyn.
My house is a mess, but I actually don't mind it because to me it shows that my guys and I are together and outside all of the time playing and enjoying each other's company.

I will do a post tomorrow on my pregnancy-ness.


If I were put in charge of casting the main characters for Fifty Shades of Grey, here are some options I might consider:
 Option 1
The wacko, Mr. Christian Grey= HIM!

Lip-biter, inner goddess wacko Miss Anastasia Steel= Jennifer Lawrence

Journalist and so-called friend, Kate K.=  Jessica Chastin

Elliot Grey= Chris Evans

Option #2
Ryan Gosling = Christian Grey

Mila Kunis= Ana Steele

Amanda Seyfriend= Kate K.

Kellen Lutz= Elliot

What do you think?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I am a mother.
That is how I identify myself these days.
There is the occasional day when I identify myself as "diva extraordinaire," but I'm sure we all have those moments.
Mother of one son, soon to be a mother of two.

As a mother, you learn to be unselfish.
You put your children first--always.
You want nothing but the best for them.
You want nothing but for them to grow up in this crazy world and be okay.
As a mother you try to teach them manners.
You try to teach them empathy.
You try to teach them love.
You want them to be knowledgeable.
You want them to be happy.
You want them to be kind.
You want them to laugh.

Sunday was my fourth Mother's Day. It was my favorite one yet. (I know I'm behind in this posting, but, seriously, I was deeply enthralled with a seriously important book)
Caderyn went up to the cabin with his grandparents for Saturday night.
Before he left, Caderyn ran up to me and gave me a hug goodbye,
"Take care of yourself, Mommy."
He told me before rushing into the car. He was ready to go.
I sat there just laughing. How would he know to say that? Does he understand that?
Who is this sweet little man?
Saturday night I had the whole house to myself (well, Jeff was there but he was studying and taking a test so he really wasn't there).
I slept in on Sunday.
Jeff made me breakfast.
We cleaned.
My best friend came over for a quick visit and laugh before she had to head out of town.
Jeff and I saw The Avengers.
And then Caderyn was home and we snuggled. He splashed in his pool with nothing on but his birthday suit.
Then he got chilly and he allowed me to hold him, wrapped in a towel, snuggling against my body for warmth.
He chatted about fishing and swimming and books and shows.
He asked what he was going to be doing this week.
This little man...he likes to have a plan.

I held him close. My only child, soon to be my oldest child. No longer my baby.
It used to be that a full day of shopping, drinking with friends or three hours at the gym made me feel fulfilled.
And sometimes you need that sort of fulfillment in your life.
But I didn't.
Not in that moment.
All I needed was my sweet, shivering little boy snuggling close to me for warmth.
All I needed was his constant chatter to let me know, we are actually doing a pretty good job in raising our child. I always have those moments of doubt.
All I needed was that moment as a mother, the sun sinking slowly down, the smell of lilacs blooming and my happy guy close to remind me that being a mother is rewarding.
It is challenging, frustrating, disgusting, intimidating, scary and full of second-guessing, but, above all other things, it is rewarding and fulfilling.
Other people may not feel that way about being a parent.
That's fine.
But they weren't there with me, in that moment, feeling the love and content I felt.
I am a mother.
I love it.

**Disclaimer** I know I said I wasn't doing any more posts for some time 'cause I was reading. But, I finished the first book and have moved on to the second book. I needed to take a little break from the marathon that is Ana Steel and Christian Grey. Whew. Those two are exhausting with all of their murmuring, lip biting and...other...stuff...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Well, isn't it obvious?
I jumped on THAT bandwagon and am really not going to write anything when there's all this delicious murmuring going on.
The inner goddess in me has to roll my eyes a little over the fact that I've gotten dragged into this, but my subconscious can hardly keep itself from squealing at this book and...everything in it.

I will murmur something your way laters, babes.



Until I can officially pick my jaw up off the floor and finish reading this trilogy.
I'm blushing just telling you about it.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


My entire life, I have been surrounded by strong, loving and hilarious women.
I adore and admire each of the women in my family.
I have amazing grandmothers. Both very different, and yet alike.
One has encouraged me to pursue reading and a love of words. She is gentle, soft spoken and a bit feisty.
The other has encouraged freedom to explore my world and admire the beauty of nature, she has taught me cooking secrets and, I'm quite sure, will never give up on trying to teach me to sew (I'm a hopeless cause).
Each of my eight aunts brings a unique quality to the table. All are devilishly funny and hold their families close to their hearts.
My female cousins are the same, all possessing parts of the qualities their mothers have instilled into them and yet bringing their own side of vivacity to the mix.

I am a product of  my mother.
I do possess a lot of my father's qualities, but it is my mother who I am most like.
My mother, the baby of five children, is passionate about people.
She is endearing and thoughtful.
She is a true friend and will worry and worry about you until there is nothing left to worry about.
She loves all holidays and parties.
There wasn't a birthday, Christmas or some other small monumental day that my mom didn't make special.
She gives little gifts that you know have had immense thought and heart put into them.
She puts others before herself .
She is committed to doing the right.
She is engaging and when you talk to her, she focuses on you 100%.
She taught me how to fold underwear a special little, rolled up way.
She taught me to laugh. She taught me to love.
She refused nothing but the best from me. Because of her I was cautious while dating and could rarely, if ever tell, a lie. To this day I still am the WORST liar and secret keeper in the world. She taught me to be honest with myself and the people around me.
She taught me to be a strong woman, holding myself high and never giving thought that I was never worthy of something or someone.
She taught me to hold my family in the highest regard and that though all things in my life might fail you, your family never will.
From my mother I have become a mixture of all these things (with a few fart jokes thrown into the mix courtesy of my father).
I am a lucky girl to have so many wonderful and beautiful female role models in my life,
but none so beautiful as my mother.

The women in my family are a good lot.
We love our families fiercely, have tender and strong hearts, and, most importantly, we love to laugh.
I look back on the memories of love and laughter I have already shared with my mother, grandmothers, aunts and cousins and feel so thankful to have those silly memories.
But I also know we are all moving forward and have so many more fun memories to make.

Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 11, 2012


I'm sure (in my mind) you've all been wondering where I've been.
"What's this Sarah? You only posted ONCE this week!?"

Yes, it's true. I have only posted ONCE.
I'm sorry.
I'm 8 months pregnant, a single mom (at least just for one more week) and I work a full-time job where I'm coming back after dinner every night to continue my maternity leave prep.
I only have six weeks or less. Good Gah!

I'm pooped.

If someone brought me a pillow right now, I would put my head on it and be asleep in probably five seconds flat.
No joke.

That and nothing spectacular has really happened this week.
I only have four pictures from my week. That's how un-spectacular it's been.
This guy is cute. He's ready to have his Daddy home.
He's also learned to spit this week...that has been interesting.

Oh to have this dogs life.

I went to some garage sales last weekend and scored this AWESOME Gap coat. It was cold enough yesterday that I wore it in the morning. I'm excited for next Fall to wear it all the time. It doesn't really fit over the belly at the moment.

One word: Spring!
Two words: In Montana!
Two words: Love it!
One word: Allergies!

Other random things that happened this week that I'm sure you're just dying to know:
I ate the Confetti Cake blizzard from Dairy Queen. I loved it. Ice cream AND cake?! With sprinkles!?
Yes, please!
I made probably the best batch of spaghetti sauce I've ever made and I 'm so proud.
Caderyn ate three HUGE bowls of it on Monday. THREE.
For some reason I've started playing video games again rather than clean my house once I've put the dude to bed.
My laundry to be folded pile is almost as tall as I am.
My dishes to be washed...about the same height as the laundry pile.
We have been playing outside and going for walks nearly every night.
I have 4 tulips popping through. FOUR. I planted six in the fall as a test to see how horrible I was at gardening. Right now I'd say I'm doing a little better than 50% and I can't complain.
There is a bunny in our yard every morning that Caderyn thinks is the Easter Bunny.
I got Project Runway Season One on Netflix and I forgot how much I soooooooooo LOVE it.
Especially this guy

Thursday, May 10, 2012


How far along? 34 weeks.
Maternity clothes? I have officially entered the phase of pregnancy where I think nothing looks good. On Monday, I changed my outfit 4 times before I chose something suitable. Today I only changed twice. My maternity pants are uncomfortable and all I want to wear are sweatpants but even those are uncomfortable sometimes.
Sleep? Eh. Not great but not terrible. Usually if I wake up in the middle of the night I will either doze in and out for a bit or I'll just read until I'm tired again. Baby hasn't been kicking me awake lately, but he is active right up until I go to sleep.
Best moment(s) this week? Doctor's appointment yesterday.
My blood pressure is higher than normal, so we have to watch that. I personally just think it's because I'm stressed about having everything ready to go for my trainings next week. Baby was moving all over for the doctor which was great. Movements are much slower this week. You can tell he's running out of room. Doctor told me she would like me to start my maternity leave a week earlier than I had originally planned...which, in my fantasy world would be great and I would totally go for it, but in real life, not gonna happen. My husband is officially DONE with his first semester and we get him home for good this weekend!
Food cravings: Cake-like stuff. But I haven't been indulging. I did get a blizzard on Monday and I had a cupcake once this week. Can't remember when. Still wanting sub sammies. Oh and holy heck do I want Cheetos. Gross, right.
Gender: Bro.
Belly button in or out? Stretched as far as it could possibly go. "To the ends of the earth!"
Movement? Yeppers. Much slower movements this week. I thought I might have a hernia- but I've never had anything like that before or really even know what it was- all I knew was that there was a spot to the left of my belly button that was rock hard and has ached and hurt for nearly two weeks. Turns out that's where little dude is positioning his feet and legs, so its just him putting a lot of pressure on the abdominal muscle there. My doctor suggested I get on all fours each night and do the cat stretch to move him around a bit. I did it last night and it worked like a charm. Baby boy has also had the hiccups a ton this week.
What I miss? Being able to get up without assistance. I feel like an upside down turtle most days. Not being swollen. Definitely NOT as swollen as I was with Caderyn, but I am starting to swell in the feet and hands. Not having pregnant face. Ugh.
I also miss being able to roughhouse and play with my son. I would so love to chase after him, but can't.
What I'm looking forward to: My baby shower is Saturday. Yeah! Cooking some meals and freezing them. And, right now I'm starving so I'm really looking forward to lunch.
Weekly wisdom: I should probably listen to my doctor more...probably.
Anything else?
My feet are achy, but my knees don't hurt nearly as much as they did with my first pregnancy.
I so wish my boobs would return to a normal size. These things are freaking huge. HUGE!
Baby should be right around 5 pounds this week. Next week is the last week of my 8th month and then we're entering the realm of delivery countdown. Oh my!
My doctor said she would do an ultrasound at my next appointment. :) Yay!
I have must less energy/motivation to clean or pick up this week.
I want to eat, but don't really know what to eat. No intense cravings.
Trying to get everything ready for maternity leave so I can just train my people and RELAX.
I have a baby shower Saturday and I'm so excited to see people!
Is it weird that last week I felt incredibly huge and this week I only feel, so-so on size?