Thursday, May 3, 2012


My belly got its own zip code this week.
I just can't believe how HUGE it is. I've been watching what I eat, working out/ walking and STILL. Last night I finally caved in and ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at 10:00 p.m. This is the FIRST time I've done that. I used to do it all the time with Caderyn. I've really been cutting off my night time eating with this pregnancy and I just threw it out the window last night.
How far along? 33 week GIANT belly! Only 7 weeks until we meet our newest little boy.
Weight gain/loss/stretch marks: I have pregnant face, but not too terribly. All of the sudden it feels like my belly has just popped out even farther and expanded even more.
Maternity clothes? Monday was the day that I tried on four outfits before something finally fit comfortably. I've reached THAT stage of my pregnancy. I also internally argue with myself each morning to not wear sweatpants to work.
Sleep? So-so. My brain just doesn't shut up at 5:00 a.m.
Best moment(s) this week? Eating sub sandwiches for lunch. Food of my dreams right now! Getting my Shark Steamer and cleaning the heck out of my floors. I think I'm developing a new addiction to coincide with my vacuuming problem.
Food cravings: Sub sandwiches.
Gender: El boyo.
Belly button in or out? Let's just call my belly button dish shaped at the moment. It looks like of like a plate would. A little curved in the middle and flat on the sides.
Movement? As usual, yes. Very much. People at work this week have actually stopped talking to me mid-sentence to watch as my belly sways and rolls. He hasn't been as jumpy this week. Definitely doing lazier movements.
What I miss? Zumba. Working out. Beer. Cute outfits and heels. Not worrying that I'm going to fart if I bend over to . Oh yes. I went there. Same things as last week.
What I'm looking forward to: Getting through this week and on to next week. Jeff will officially be home next Thursday!
Weekly wisdom: Wake up, be fabulous, go back to bed.
Anything else?

  • Baby is still the size of a head of a honeydew melon this week. I actually think little guy is bigger, length-wise.
  • No more movement problems like I had a couple weeks ago. Baby is right back on track.
  • I keep having dreams that the baby comes out a girl and I'm super confused by all of this in my dreams.
  • My poor feet ache and swell at the end of the day now. I try to clean my house as much as possible when Caderyn is in the tub and then I order myself to the couch once I have him in bed.
  • I am starting to get swollen, though nothing compared to how I was with Caderyn. I am trying so hard to drink as much water as possible. I would like to keep my wedding ring on this time.
  • I have a baby shower next week and I am SO SO SO excited!!!!!

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