Thursday, May 24, 2012


I broke out the waddle this week!
How far along? 36 weeks. I am one centimeter dilated.
Maternity clothes? Can I just wear sweatpants to work already?
Sleep? Terrible. But, you wouldn't be able to sleep too if you were carrying a constantly rolling bowling ball in your stomach.
Best moment(s) this week? Eating. Yep. I went there. Pretty much everything I am eating is amazing.
Food cravings: Cold stuff. Spicy rice. Cheese. Also, it is 9:00 p.m. and I just polished off a bowl of Lucky Charms. It was delish.
Gender: Had an ultrasound yesterday and my doctor did indeed confirm that this little one is still and will always be a BOY.
Belly button in or out? Stretched to oblivion, but not external.
Movement? Slower movement, much more distinct and centered in a certain location. I can tell when he is resting his butt against my belly and I love pinching it.
What I miss? Pretty much everything. Patience, especially this week. I'm trying so so hard to be patient with Caderyn. All I want to do is sleep or sit and he just won't have that. He has also been really defiant lately and just trying to push our buttons to the extreme. Jeff and I have also decided to write a book called, "Questions, Answers: How to answer the 400+ questions your toddler will come up with in a single day."
What I'm looking forward to: Baby!
Weekly wisdom: Just keep swimming...
Anything else?
  • We are finishing the baby space and bringing out all of our baby stuff. I hope to have a few pictures of what we're doing with limited space.
  • My blood pressure is still high, but they can get it down pretty quickly if I just lay down.
  • Lots of random shooting pain in the groin area- probably means the hips are getting ready for baby.
  • Braxton Hicks contractions!
  • I have another bladder infection...insert sarcastic "Woooo" here. When this guy kicks me in the bladder it HURTS.
  • Ultrasound yesterday showed everything looked great! He is LONG and normal sized for the gestation (yay! no monster-sized baby). I have lots of good looking fluid, according to my guess.
  • He is head down and facing my tailbone so he wouldn't give us a profile. That didn't bother me too much though, I'd rather be surprised.
  • Went over the birth plan with my doctor and she LOVED it. She said it was the most thorough and thought out plan she'd ever been given. I felt awesome when I left her office yesterday.
  • For some reason, people are really pointing out the fact that I'm pregnant more this week than any time prior. Yesterday I had three random people rub my tummy. It really doesn't bother me that much, it actually feels kind of good. Then I had at least four people ask me when I was due.
  • Today I had a guy tell me I only looked 7 months pregnant, I told him if I wasn't already married, he would be up there on my husband-to-be list for his kind words. I had two people rub my belly today.

I am pooped.

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