Sunday, May 6, 2012


Caderyn: Mommy why are we buying a baby card?
Me: To have ready to send when your new cousin arrives.
Caderyn: My cousin Ziva?
Me: Yes.
Caderyn: Why isn't she here yet?
Me: She is still growing in Aunt Jenny's tummy.
Caderyn: Like my brother, Gabriel?
Me: Yes.
Caderyn is quiet for a few minutes.
Caderyn: Babies are just like flowers. They need time to grow!

He's a smart one that kid.

On Friday, our sitter took Caderyn downtown to a parade. He loved it!
Before he got to go, I told him he had to go to the bathroom, which he did (#1 and #2).
I walked back into the bathroom shortly after he'd finished to grab something.
Me: Phew! It is stinky in here! Someone must have gone poop.
Caderyn: Let me smell. (Runs into the bathroom and does an over dramatic smelling noise)
Caderyn: Wow. That does stink. We should tell Daddy.

We are THAT type of family who talks about poop.

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