Monday, May 28, 2012


Better late than never, right?
We snuck out of town this weekend and pretty much dropped off the face of the earth.
It rained all weekend. I slept, read and ate. It was wonderful.

Happy Memorial Day!
Thank you to all of the men and women who serve and have served our country.
Today I am especially thankful for my husband. He made a choice in his life to challenge himself and work towards creating a better life for our family.
He joined the Montana Air National Guard just a little over a year and a half ago.
So much has happened since then. He left us for nearly four months to attend boot camp in Georgia. He has served one weekend a month faithfully and in doing so has provided AMAZING health care for our family.
He left his job at the newspaper to attend a Master's and ROTC program full time. He has worked hard, getting up early, early mornings for physical trainings and then has slaved late into the nights to complete homework assignments. He does this so he can pursue a career in the military full-time.
It has not been easy. We have been apart.
But Jeff is a part of something greater now. He works individually and as a team to serve and better our country.
Although there have been moments of frustration, the military always seems to come through with something great and amazing for our family.
I am proud of my husband and his service.
I am excited for him to finish this journey and to see where the next step will take our family.

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