Sunday, May 13, 2012


My entire life, I have been surrounded by strong, loving and hilarious women.
I adore and admire each of the women in my family.
I have amazing grandmothers. Both very different, and yet alike.
One has encouraged me to pursue reading and a love of words. She is gentle, soft spoken and a bit feisty.
The other has encouraged freedom to explore my world and admire the beauty of nature, she has taught me cooking secrets and, I'm quite sure, will never give up on trying to teach me to sew (I'm a hopeless cause).
Each of my eight aunts brings a unique quality to the table. All are devilishly funny and hold their families close to their hearts.
My female cousins are the same, all possessing parts of the qualities their mothers have instilled into them and yet bringing their own side of vivacity to the mix.

I am a product of  my mother.
I do possess a lot of my father's qualities, but it is my mother who I am most like.
My mother, the baby of five children, is passionate about people.
She is endearing and thoughtful.
She is a true friend and will worry and worry about you until there is nothing left to worry about.
She loves all holidays and parties.
There wasn't a birthday, Christmas or some other small monumental day that my mom didn't make special.
She gives little gifts that you know have had immense thought and heart put into them.
She puts others before herself .
She is committed to doing the right.
She is engaging and when you talk to her, she focuses on you 100%.
She taught me how to fold underwear a special little, rolled up way.
She taught me to laugh. She taught me to love.
She refused nothing but the best from me. Because of her I was cautious while dating and could rarely, if ever tell, a lie. To this day I still am the WORST liar and secret keeper in the world. She taught me to be honest with myself and the people around me.
She taught me to be a strong woman, holding myself high and never giving thought that I was never worthy of something or someone.
She taught me to hold my family in the highest regard and that though all things in my life might fail you, your family never will.
From my mother I have become a mixture of all these things (with a few fart jokes thrown into the mix courtesy of my father).
I am a lucky girl to have so many wonderful and beautiful female role models in my life,
but none so beautiful as my mother.

The women in my family are a good lot.
We love our families fiercely, have tender and strong hearts, and, most importantly, we love to laugh.
I look back on the memories of love and laughter I have already shared with my mother, grandmothers, aunts and cousins and feel so thankful to have those silly memories.
But I also know we are all moving forward and have so many more fun memories to make.

Happy Mother's Day!

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