Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Now that I kind of know what to expect this time around, I am like freakishly organized.The baby's bag is ready, our bag is like 75% ready and I've added a few things along the way I remember really needing last time.
So, if I have a little bit of time here or there this week, I'm going to enlighten you on what I would/wouldn't bring.

Today, we'll focus on the baby bag.
First things first. DON'T forget your baby bag. We did with Caderyn. It was really awkward explaining to a guy friend of Jeff's where to find the bag and what things needed to be in it. Yes, I, of all people, was not prepared at all.
Secondly, pack a separate bag for yourself and a bag for the baby. Don't try to combine.

My idea of packing for the hospital might be a little one-sided since I've only had boys. I don't know if little girls need anything different, but this is what I do know little boys need during their first day or two in the hospital.
Sorry for the mediocre pictures. I don't have the time or patience to charge my camera right now.

1. Not pictured. Make sure you have a diaper bag that you like. Mine is Vera Bradley (click the link to see what mine looks like) and I LOVE it. It didn't break the bank and has lots of room. I used this one with Caderyn too and plan on using it with all my children until it dies on me.

2. Two swaddling blankets. One of these blankets was made by my grandma and another by Jeff's aunt. Seriously, if you can get someone to make the receiving blankets for you, DO IT. Homemade ones are SO much better than the store-bought ones. They are usually bigger and keep the swaddle together much better.

3. Burp cloths. I think this one is pretty obvious. I'm taking some that my grandma made, because, like I said, anything homemade is usually ten times better.

4. A pacifier.

5. A comfort blanket.

6. Gauze strips and Vaseline. This is for the little guy's little guy after he gets circumcised- if you go that route. Some doctor's put a shield over the wink (yes, I called it that), while others recommend just using gauze and Vaseline. We use gauze and Vaseline.

7. Cute dinosaur slippers. These are more for me than anything else. They are too cute to leave.

8. Hats. The hospital will give you a hat, so this isn't necessary, but my grandpa (whom Gabriel is named after) makes hats. I have three packed, all different sizes because I don't know the size of this baby's noggin. Caderyn's very first picture was in a yellow hat my grandpa made and Gabriel's first picture will also be in one of these hats.

9. Socks. Chilly feet.
10. Diapers. Captain Obvious.
11. Two onesies and two outfits. I plan on staying two nights, so you generally pack outfits based on how long you plan on staying. Onesies are for warmer weather and the outfits are for cooler.

12. Not pictured. The baby book. For memories.

I'm pretty sure that's everything we will need. My other set of advice is to take everything from the hospital crib, except for the crib itself. Take the nose sucker- you won't find another that's better. Take the diapers- take them take them! Take the sponge and brush- it is so soft! Take the pink cloth wipes-they are the only things that will get rid of the meconium! I would leave the blanket though. 

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