Thursday, May 31, 2012


As I mentioned earlier, this bag isn't completely packed yet.
We're still using some of the stuff that we need to take, so bear with me.

1. A medium sized bag with handles. This just so happens to be an expanding bag, which I loooove.

2. My stuff: 1 pair comfy maternity pants, 1 pair of comfy shorts, your own underwear (oh yeah!) and my muckluck slippers. I will also be packing sports bras, and t-shirts, one dress to come home in. some socks, my toiletries and my own pillow.

3. Jeff's stuff: Swim trunks (I plan on using the big tub at the hospital), pj pants and a comfy pair of shorts. He will also get two shirts, one nice outfit, socks, his toiletries, his pillow, a blanket and snacks. He keeps eating the snacks I buy right now.

4. More stuff for me: Boob pads, Vanilla Bean body lotion and those glorious. GLORIOUS pads.

I will also be packing: My iPod, a book, the camera, all of my insurance information and my phone and camera charger.

I don't have anything fancy. I'm not going to take a picture book like I know some mothers do. My thoughts on that are, what if I have a bad labor experience while looking at the pictures? What if I can't look at those pictures again after that?
I don't have a special birthing gown. I don't need a special gown to feel pretty or empowered. I just want to get there and do my job so I can hold my little guy in my arms and snuggle him. I will take the hospital ensemble.
Other than my birth plan, I don't have specific instructions or directions. I know how my first delivery went and I based everything I wanted on how that delivery with Caderyn worked/ didn't work.

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