Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I was too tired yesterday to finish packing my hospital bag, so I took a picture of some of the other, random stuff we will be taking with us to the hospital.
1. The feeding pillow. Not only will it be an extra pillow and source of comfort for you, but it will be way better than any of the hospital pillows they try to prop the baby up with when you're feeding.

2. The boob pump. Oh yes. I forgot how to use this reliable machine, so I am taking it with me so the lactation consultant can show me all over again.

This couch in our house is currently designated the "Baby Couch." Everything we want to take to the hospital goes on this couch. So some other things I can't forget to take with me to the hospital:
1. My birth plan. Obviously very important. My midwife has a copy of this and then I have a copy. My copy has already been written on multiple times, by me.
2. A towel- not a super nice one. This is in case my water breaks before we go to the hospital or on the way to the hospital. With Caderyn, my very first image of what water breaking looked like was just this little gush and trickle. BUT NO. It was a huge rush of water that continued to gush with each contraction. Thankfully, I had a doula with me and she grabbed a towel for me to sit on during our drive to the hospital. This literally saved the passenger seat on our car. Seriously, it's gross, but you would never think to grab a towel, would you?! I also left little water trickles all along the hallway of the hospital when I was contracting and walking, so it was also nice to have the towel so Jeff could wipe everything up.

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