Friday, May 11, 2012


I'm sure (in my mind) you've all been wondering where I've been.
"What's this Sarah? You only posted ONCE this week!?"

Yes, it's true. I have only posted ONCE.
I'm sorry.
I'm 8 months pregnant, a single mom (at least just for one more week) and I work a full-time job where I'm coming back after dinner every night to continue my maternity leave prep.
I only have six weeks or less. Good Gah!

I'm pooped.

If someone brought me a pillow right now, I would put my head on it and be asleep in probably five seconds flat.
No joke.

That and nothing spectacular has really happened this week.
I only have four pictures from my week. That's how un-spectacular it's been.
This guy is cute. He's ready to have his Daddy home.
He's also learned to spit this week...that has been interesting.

Oh to have this dogs life.

I went to some garage sales last weekend and scored this AWESOME Gap coat. It was cold enough yesterday that I wore it in the morning. I'm excited for next Fall to wear it all the time. It doesn't really fit over the belly at the moment.

One word: Spring!
Two words: In Montana!
Two words: Love it!
One word: Allergies!

Other random things that happened this week that I'm sure you're just dying to know:
I ate the Confetti Cake blizzard from Dairy Queen. I loved it. Ice cream AND cake?! With sprinkles!?
Yes, please!
I made probably the best batch of spaghetti sauce I've ever made and I 'm so proud.
Caderyn ate three HUGE bowls of it on Monday. THREE.
For some reason I've started playing video games again rather than clean my house once I've put the dude to bed.
My laundry to be folded pile is almost as tall as I am.
My dishes to be washed...about the same height as the laundry pile.
We have been playing outside and going for walks nearly every night.
I have 4 tulips popping through. FOUR. I planted six in the fall as a test to see how horrible I was at gardening. Right now I'd say I'm doing a little better than 50% and I can't complain.
There is a bunny in our yard every morning that Caderyn thinks is the Easter Bunny.
I got Project Runway Season One on Netflix and I forgot how much I soooooooooo LOVE it.
Especially this guy

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