Monday, June 25, 2012


Looking at my two boys now, I see so many similarities and so many differences.
Caderyn came into this world with lots of drama and gusto, very suitable to current demeanor.
Gabriel arrived with a calm strength that surprised even me.
At my 39 week appointment on Wednesday, my doctor did an exam to see how things were progressing. After her examination she declared, "Well, you can go anytime," because I was 3 cm dilated and 90% effaced. I was actually kind of shocked I was so far along.
Jeff and my mom, my birthing team, were both there and I think were just as surprised as I was about our progression.
I vaguely remember looking at my doctor and saying, "Don't go anywhere this weekend, the 39 week appointment is what started my labor with my son last time."
Well sho' 'nuff.
I had a few little contractions on Wednesday and Thursday. I got my toes did on Thursday and was having somehwat stronger contractions than the previous day, but they were really irregular and stopped as soon as I put my feet up. I do remember going to bed that night and thinking, "Man I am way more uncomfortable than usual."
Woke up Friday, my last day of work and felt...different. Just as I had with Caderyn.
I was having some stronger cotnractions but they were in the 20-30 minute range. So I went to work.
While working I noticed that there were some contractions that made me stop every so often. The discomfort was different than I remember it being with Caderyn's labor. That's why I was having trouble gauging whether I really was in labor, because it felt so different than what I experienced with Caderyn.
I left work around noon and went right home and downloaded a contraction timer on my iPhone. Oh Ho! Let me tell you that thing was handy! I suggest downloading one if you're planning on going into labor soon.
And so I started timing the contractions. They were really hit or miss those first couple of hours. I was sure I would have the baby soon, but I didn't want to sit there and just think and think about it so I did what any normal person would do, I went out to lunch, ran some errands, and made dinner for my family.
Once dinner was ready I noticed I didn't really have an appetite. Odd for me.
So I sat on the couch and read a little and then felt some strong contractions.
I started timing them and found out they were 10-15 minutes apart. Four of them in a row.


My parents took Caderyn so Jeff and I could go for a walk. The contractions kept coming so I called my doctor to let her know I was pretty sure I was in labor. She told me to keep laboring at home and to go in when they were 5-7 minutes apart.

My parents got back and helped put Caderyn to bed and I flew around my house making sure I had absolutely everything in order just in case we were going to the hospital that night.

We sent my parents home and Jeff and I put in Captain America to watch while we timed contractions.
They started getting much stronger and more and more painful. I remember telling Jeff that these cotnractions really hurt compared to last time.
About 11:00 p.m. we checked the contraction timers log to see that the contractions were 5-7 minutes apart.

That went fast!

So we called my parents to let them know this was not a drill!
Then we we called the hospital to let them know we were coming in. Our hospital likes a little bit of heads up.

Jeff loaded up the car, I leaned on the car and breathed and tried to find my inner happy spot.
Mom, Jeff and I all loaded up into the car, left Caderyn with my Dad and off we went to the hospital.

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