Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Where do I begin.
You have taken the new addition harder than your brother.
You sulk constantly and hide under our bed where we can't get you.
You pooped in your brother's bedroom (thank heavens for my SpotBot).
You bark a lot more and with attitude.
Your corgi attitude is through the roof. I feel like writing a book about surviving the teenage corgi years you give us so much attitude.
You still have squirrels.
You are now afraid of deer. That could be because you got attacked and stomped by a mommy deer before the 4th of July. It was very scary. We were worried and your Dad was so mad he chased the deer out of the yard with a shovel and down the street. We took you to the vet, but you were just fine. The vet said it's a good thing you were a little tubby, that helped cushioned the deer's hoof on your rib. We're glad you're a little tubby too.
Up at the cabin, you loved swimming. You were in the water from sunrise to sunset. Your butt floats higher than your head and you are a very graceful swimmer.
Your wet dog smell reminded us of dog poop. Not so pretty.
But we still love you.
We still try to give you attention and take you on walks.
Please don't hate us. Keep being your snarky self.

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