Friday, July 27, 2012


My bug,
Good heavens! All of the sudden you are no longer a little boy. It's like you're a little dude.
Here are some things I notice:
  • Your vocabulary is amazing. You know words like "sensitive" and what it means. You use full sentences like, "May I go to the Science Center tomorrow?"
  • Your vocabulary is funny. You call push ups, "hiccups."
  • Your imagination is endless. You currently want all your dinosaurs to shoot laser beams.
  • You still love all trucks, boats, planes etc.
  • You don't like to put milk in cereal. You like it dry. Odd.
  • You are obsessed with your grandmothers.
  • You are very in-your face with everyone and we are constantly telling you about personal space.
  • You love showing off.
  • You love swimming and showing Mommy and Daddy how you can put your head under water.
  • You love running. You would rather run with Daddy than sit in the stroller.
  • You love hiking and collecting rocks.
  • You have been staying up horribly late this summer. Bad mommy.
  • You still will only eat vegetables in the baby food form.
  • You are a wonderful big brother. You shower Gabriel with kisses and are concerned when he cries. You love holding him and asking questions about your brother, "Why is he crying? Why did he poop?"
  • That brings us to another point. WHY. Why, why, why. Caderyn, everything with you is a "Why" followed by a question. It's like you can't get enough of learning. In the span of 10 minutes I counted over 60 "Whys."
  • On a three hour car ride, you talked the ENTIRE time. Not joking. You barely took breaths. You could talk from sun up to sun down.
  • You are going to play soccer starting in August! Mommy is pumped.
  • You are joyful.
  • You are very naughty with Mommy when you're around your grandparents.
  • You hate timeout. You HATE it.
  • You are snuggly. You crawled into our bed this morning and gave us all lots of kisses.
  • You are neither a morning nor a night person.
  • You think spitting is funny. Mommy absolutely can't stand this- more on that later.
  • You love being told stories.
  • You have the cutest little booty shake on the planet.
  • You are very sensitive and emotional.
  • You love going on trips whether it be up to the cabin or camping.

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