Monday, August 6, 2012


All throughout my pregnancy with Gabriel, Caderyn was very interested and attentive to what was going on. He liked talking about his little brother and asking questions about his little brother.
We were very gentle and tried to be sensitive to his needs as our first born when answering and talking about the impending birth of Gib.

The second Caderyn walked into the hospital room after Gib was born and he was wearing his Big Bro shirt with pride, my reservations about having two children and be able to share the love melted away.

Caderyn was so proud and so excited to show off his brother. Everyone who walked into the room had to go through Caderyn first. I was worried that the attentiveness wouldn't last, but here we are nearly two months into being a family of four and I am amazed by my two handsome boys.
Caderyn is the best big brother. He loves Gabriel. He talks to him, gets down on the floor to play with him and is genuinely concerned about everything Gib is doing.
If Gib cries, Caderyn is concerned. If Gib smiles, Caderyn is happy.
They are like two peas in a pod.

These two boys of mine, they are alike and yet so different. Gib looks so much like Caderyn did when he was a baby that I have no doubt people will question they are brothers. This makes me happy because I really don't look like anyone in my family all that much. I have red hair and super fair skin to my parents and brothers dark hair and dark skin.
The only thing I've got going for me is that my brother and I have the exact same nose.

It's like these two have been brothers all along. They were meant to be kin. There was no hiccup, no adjusting. It just seems natural. Caderyn knows where Gabriel is at all times. Gabriel calmly puts up with the kisses and tickles and belly rubs and occassional bumps that Caderyn dishes out.
Gib is not startled by Caderyn's loud antics and Caderyn isn't overly bothered when Gib cries.

And already they make each other laugh. Caderyn laughs when Gabriel toots. Gabriel gives Caderyn big gummy smiles when he lies next to him on the floor during tummy time.  
I know these two will eventually come to blows over toys, attention and (God forbid) girls, but I also know in my heart that they will always be close.
 Gabriel will always look up to Caderyn. Caderyn will always protect Gib.
And they will make each other laugh.
What more can a mother hope for?

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