Sunday, August 5, 2012


Yesterday was our 5th wedding anniversary. We got married in the August heat of Montana and were lucky enough to have the forest fire smoke completely clear out on our special day.
We enjoyed every second of our celebration. We laughed, we cried, we danced, we ate, we drank and we talked. It was wonderful.
If we could do it all again, we would.

We spent most of the day together with the boys and then we were able to go out for appetizers and dessert without the boys. We talked about the last five years, we talked about the future and, most importantly, we laughed.

My husband also completely blew me away with his anniversary gift.
Now, a little background. Jeff's not the greatest at getting or remembering gifts.
At one point, though, he was.
So I started putting the pressure on him in June. Reminding him about the milestone this anniversary was, and how I wanted something special.
He delivered.
He got me not one but FIVE gifts. Each one was something that represented the gifts you are supposed to present your spouse on each new year of marriage.
For example, the first year of marriage gift is the gift of paper. Jeff wrote me a six page letter and got me a romantic card.
Yeah, I'm a sap and started bawling. He explained the significance of each gift he got in relationship to our marriage in his letter.
So he did this for each year.
Second year is cotton.
Third year is leather.
Fourth year is flowers.
Fifth year is wood.
He picked out a really nice four foot piece of wood and has commissioned a guy to put our family picture on it when we get it taken in October by our fabulous friend Lisa.
Apparently, this is something really cool that he had been researching. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

You guys! Wasn't that SO sweet!?
This coming from the man who usually just gets me a card.

A great anniversary with many great memories, accomplishments and milestones over the past five years to be proud of.
Here is to five, ten and fifteen more!

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Krystle Caricaburu said...

ah<3 I'm such a sap for a good love story, and yours is just that! Congratulations on 5, here is to many many more. Love you two!