Thursday, August 2, 2012


What's new with us?
Not too much, but while I'm in the spirit of getting you updated on everyone I will let you know about us.

The Hubster has been working like a madman this summer. He just finished and passed his first finance class for his MBA program. For now the nights of high strung studying and angry shouting at the computer screen are over. For now.
He has also been working full time with a company in town as a communications assistant.
This summer, I'm sure, has been a little overwhelming for him. He went right from being gone to two weeks, to being in the hospital for the birth of our child, to starting his new job two days later, to starting his online class and having to study every night.
With my guidance, he's been trying to find a happy medium where he can come home and be a dad first, have some time to himself and then start studying. It took a while, but he slowly started to get it.
Now he's got to prep for his next drill where he's teaching a class and then after that he has to head back to school.

The Wife. I have, as you know, been travelling everywhere with my kiddos. I've seen family I haven't seen in almost five years and I'm so thankful for that. I had a good friend visit me from Hawaii and we went to Yellowstone. I spent time up at cabins and read and snuggled my baby. I have spent time with my parents, two of my favorite people in the whole world. We were able to have a lovely Baptism for Gabriel last weekend, put together in two days!
I joined Weight Watchers AGAIN! My first weigh in is tomorrow, so we'll see how quickly this weight is going to melt away. I'm hoping to be back to regular size by Christmas or sooner. I am going to document my weight loss much more on the blog as kind of an incentive to keep myself going.
I am thoroughly enjoying my maternity leave, though I have slowly but surely started working a little more. My official day back at work is September 4.
I have one more trip planned next week to see more family and then that's pretty much it for us. I'm not overly comfortable travelling with two kids without Jeff. We'll see how that goes though, because I'm so used to being independent and on my own that sometimes I've just got to get out of town.

Jeff and I are preparing to celebrate our FIFTH wedding anniversary this Saturday. Wow. A lot has happened in five years and we have so much to be thankful for. Our plans are up in the air since we're not sure if we have a sitter yet. If we do have a sitter, we will be going out for dessert and a movie. If we don't have a sitter, we'll probably grab dinner or dessert together as a family and then rent a movie.
I kind of wouldn't mind just hanging at home together on the couch and looking through pictures of how our lives have changed together the last five years.

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