Monday, August 20, 2012


Wondering what we've been up to lately?
Oh mostly just hanging out at home trying not to go crazy. We have managed a few more trips here and there, but now we're done traveling and my parents have headed back to Phoenix.
It's so hard living apart from them. I love them so much. We are very blessed to have Jeff's parents living so close and to have my parents here all summer.
What else have we been doing?
We'll let my iPhone do the talking.
1. Snuggling with Godmothers after a baptism.
2. Painting to try and keep away the boredom.
3. Getting our teeth cleaned.
4. Having staring contests with cute, chubby little guys.  
5. Loving having sons.
6. Giggling at Gib's cute little smiles.
7. Falling more and more in love with this child every day.
8. Working on a sleep schedule.

9. Having dance parties in the car. This is Caderyn's dance face.

10. Again, I just die!
11. Watching my little Giblet grow and grow.
12. Still working on that sleep schedule.

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