Friday, September 28, 2012


I know, I know. I haven't posted as much this week. It's been a rough week. Those happen. C'est la vie. On to the next one!
Here are some shenanigans that happened in our lives this week...which would mean I mostly took pictures of my kids.



1. There was an epic battle that took place on my kitchen table between the cast of Cars and a Space Rocket. It was very entertaining to watch and a bit noisy at times with all of the explosions.
2. I stalked a baby in his sleep. This is what he looks like from my spot in bed.
3. Caderyn had another soccer game. He loves it. He didn't touch the ball once, but he ran and ran and ran. My father-in-law, aunt, cousin and grandparents came to visit and watch the game. We got some good Grandma time.
4. Early morning snuggles
5. Gabriel sat in his new seat for the first time. He thought it was pretty funny.
6. A Bear! There's a bear in my house!
7. This kid is seriously SO happy!
8. I got flowers at work as a thank you! They make my office so much prettier!
9. Oh yes, I went there.
10. Sweet little finger sucker
11. My two happy walkers!
12.Needy little dog and a Corgi photo bomb
13. Caderyn's school work-- please note the self portrait at the bottom.
14. Happy Giblet!

And because it's Friday and this made me laugh:

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I'm pretty sure my Grandma has had a bad cough for over a year.
If I can recall, she came down with a really bad cold and the cough just never really went away.
In fact, it got worse.
I stayed with my grandparents for a weekend in August. As I lay in bed, snuggled under the covers of the guest room bed, I listened as her chest racking cough as it persisted throughout the night. She did not get much sleep and neither did I.
Her deep cough permeated the walls of my  pitch black room. The alarm clock next to my bed flashed angry red numbers as I watched the minutes and hours pass by listening to her cough. It was almost as though the numbers were screaming at me, to try and convince her that this wasn't normal and something wasn't right.
Finally, after months of people harassing her about her cough, she finally went in to the doctor.
She's a stubborn gal my Grandma.

Two weeks ago, my Grandma found out she has lung cancer.
Everyone in my family was shocked.
She has never smoked. She tries to eat healthy. She loves going for walks.
We were just beside ourselves.
These past three weeks have been really hard.
My grandma and my family are a constant thought in my mind.
We are waiting for answers, we are waiting for the plan.
We hate waiting.

In my spare time, I've done a little bit of reading to familiarize myself with lung cancer.
What I've read isn't the greatest of news, but there are some bright spots along the way.

It's funny, you never think about the doom and gloom of illness until it hits you really close to home.
Before any of this news hit my family, I was happily living in my lavender colored bubble (lavender is such a pretty, happy color!). Now that my bubble has deflated a little, I'm now seeing just how lucky I am to have such wonderful grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles and cousins.
Each day is a gift, each person is a gift and we need to be strong and support one another through good times and bad.

And that's one amazing thing about my Grandma. She is SO strong. She sees the big picture more than anyone and knows right where she fits in.  
This is just a hiccup, a detour along the way.
She is strong, no matter what life throws her way.
She has faith, God will provide for her.
She has family, we will always be there for her.

I like this part of the motto for Lung Cancer Awareness: "Supporting the Fighters"

She will fight this. We will support her fight.

There is always, always hope.

Prayers would be appreciated.
We find out more information tomorrow.


What do you do when the smoke is so thick, you're not able to go out until twilight?
What do you do during The Witching Hour to keep your kids from tearing up the house?
What do you do to keep your sanity before bedtime?
What do you do to get out of the house so you stop trying to shove food in your mouth?

You go for a walk of course.

Here are some pictures from an evening stroll last night.
My friend Lisa and I are pretty much The Stroller Brigade around our neighborhood.
Being amazing and pushing BOTH strollers. One. handed. BOOM.
They can't even see each other yet, but they are already buds.

Other than that, I've got nothing.
It's been...a week.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012


What I'm Reading

Here's what I've read/ finished in the last month:

1. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I really do love this entire series. One day I want to write a book and J.K. Rowling inspires me and my imagination. You'd better believe I'm going to let my kids read these books.

2. Pride and Prejudice. 
*Sigh* Such a lovely book. Every once in awhile its so nice to read a classic. Mr. Darcy is so brooding and romantic.

3. Deadlocked 
Some people I know didn't like this book. I thought it was great. I didn't care for the ending (I won't give it away), but overall, I thought the book was good and I finished it in about three days.

4. Aaaaaaaaaand I might have read this series again

Let me just say, that this second time around, all I want is for Christian Grey to shut the heck up.

What I'm reading right now:
I literally JUST started it.

What's on deck:

Not in that particular order though.

And now an awesome addition, what I'm currently watching:

I know, I know, but I freaking love this show. Don't ask me why. Also, can I just say that these teenagers suffer from an extreme amount of stress. Holy smokes!

What's on deck:

Super excited about this one.

Monday, September 24, 2012


Welcome friends to the great Halloween guessing game of 2012.

As a reminder, you have to guess BOTH of my children's costumes.
A little bit of help--they are linked.

Here is last weeks clue:
CLUE #1: One is an animal...kind of. The other is not.

Clue #2: One lives in the water. The other lives on land.

Caderyn's Halloween costume, 2010


As I am rushing around the house trying to get everything and everyone out the door in the morning.

Caderyn: Mommy. Stop and look at me. Look at my eyes.
Me: What Caderyn?
Caderyn: You be a good girl today at work and make lots of money.
Me. Okay....
Caderyn: You really need to try to be a good girl.

Friday, September 21, 2012

IPHONE LATELY: 9/15-9/21

This week more than any other week before I am SO glad it is Friday!
Here are some random snippets of life from my iPhone.

What we did:
1. Gabriel helped his Daddy study most of the weekend.
2. So much forest fire smoke, you can't see anything!
3. That saucy little Corgi.
4. FINALLY! I got my family pictures framed (mind you, not hung) after a year of having them taken.
5.On Sunday we got a babysitter for Gabriel and took Caderyn to Finding Nemo 3D. It was a Caderyn date! He really liked it, especially his cool glasses.
6. What my salvation looks like every. single. morning.
7.My favorite part of the whole day is nursing this guy to sleep.
8.Taking a quick walk on my lunch break and trying not to inhale too much smoke.
9. My walking bud.
10. Potty prize for waking up dry 10 nights in a row!
11.More dog shaming. She got caught sleeping on clean and folded laundry.
12. Mr. Flirty Face.
13. Monster feet.
14.Ugh. We are suffocating over here in all of this smoke.
15. "When I grow up I want to be a bagpiper."