Thursday, September 20, 2012


Ohhh the witching hour!
We love that.
This three year old's witching hour falls right between 5-6:30 p.m.
Usually right when your mom picks you up from preschool/daycare.
This day all you wanted to do was smack your truck lunch box into the wall at preschool.
It was making a cool sound with all the glass containers your mom had put in there with your lunch.
So you kept smacking and smacking the wall despite Mommy and your teacher's repeated attempts to get you to stop.
Sheesh. Can't a kid have any fun?
Your Mommy told you if you did it again, she would take away your lunch box for the rest of the day.
Yeah right, like that's gonna even happen. That woman is a big softy.
Plus, she wasn't even looking at me because she's trying to load up all of the diaper bag stuff so we can get in the car and go home.
So, you know what I did? I smacked the wall again, this time as hard as I could.
How dare she.
I showed her.
I threw myself on the rocks and screamed. I jumped up and down flailing my arms like a rag doll.
Her response to my attempts to reacquire my lunch box:
"I know you're upset. But we don't act like that. So you lost your lunch box as a consequence."
That just made me more mad.
So I cried the whole way home.
The ENTIRE drive home.
That's like more that 15 minutes.
Oh man.
But then we got home and I got to have a little snack and watch a movie while my mom made dinner.
Then I forgot I was even mad.
Sometimes it's tough being three.

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