Monday, September 3, 2012


Oh what a busy weekend! Jeff came home. Caderyn went to Portland with his grandparents for a trip. Jeff, Gib, Lucy and I went to Billings for my friends wedding. There was family time. There was a Bachelorette Party. There was a rehearsal dinner. There was a wedding and a reception.
It was fun.
1. Chunky smiles
2. LOVING the gel polish manicure. Will never do a regular one again.
3. This is what my son packs in his suitcase for a trip.
4. Such a happy little dude.
5. New shirts for the boys, courtesy of Shelley.
6. Fun with friends in Billings in dark bars.
7. Saturday morning, Mystery Science Theater 3000 and a Corgi.
8. Aunt Becky and Bertha
9. The one. The only. Bertha the Corgi.
10. Milk drunk at 3:00 a.m.
11. Two girlies waiting for the wedding to start.
12. Beautiful Montana day for a wedding at Wildflower Gardens in Red Lodge.  
13. Party Animal
14. Lots of love and laughter-time spent with friends 
15. El Groomo
16. Stretching in order to catch the bouquet.
17. Sharing their first dance.
18. Goofing off
19. See the caption from #17
20. Heading home...but still pretty happy. 
21. But tired.

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