Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I'm pretty sure my Grandma has had a bad cough for over a year.
If I can recall, she came down with a really bad cold and the cough just never really went away.
In fact, it got worse.
I stayed with my grandparents for a weekend in August. As I lay in bed, snuggled under the covers of the guest room bed, I listened as her chest racking cough as it persisted throughout the night. She did not get much sleep and neither did I.
Her deep cough permeated the walls of my  pitch black room. The alarm clock next to my bed flashed angry red numbers as I watched the minutes and hours pass by listening to her cough. It was almost as though the numbers were screaming at me, to try and convince her that this wasn't normal and something wasn't right.
Finally, after months of people harassing her about her cough, she finally went in to the doctor.
She's a stubborn gal my Grandma.

Two weeks ago, my Grandma found out she has lung cancer.
Everyone in my family was shocked.
She has never smoked. She tries to eat healthy. She loves going for walks.
We were just beside ourselves.
These past three weeks have been really hard.
My grandma and my family are a constant thought in my mind.
We are waiting for answers, we are waiting for the plan.
We hate waiting.

In my spare time, I've done a little bit of reading to familiarize myself with lung cancer.
What I've read isn't the greatest of news, but there are some bright spots along the way.

It's funny, you never think about the doom and gloom of illness until it hits you really close to home.
Before any of this news hit my family, I was happily living in my lavender colored bubble (lavender is such a pretty, happy color!). Now that my bubble has deflated a little, I'm now seeing just how lucky I am to have such wonderful grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles and cousins.
Each day is a gift, each person is a gift and we need to be strong and support one another through good times and bad.

And that's one amazing thing about my Grandma. She is SO strong. She sees the big picture more than anyone and knows right where she fits in.  
This is just a hiccup, a detour along the way.
She is strong, no matter what life throws her way.
She has faith, God will provide for her.
She has family, we will always be there for her.

I like this part of the motto for Lung Cancer Awareness: "Supporting the Fighters"

She will fight this. We will support her fight.

There is always, always hope.

Prayers would be appreciated.
We find out more information tomorrow.

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B, in the Great Funkk said...

Praying for you all. I had cancer earlier this year (granted not as severe as lung cancer) and I know the prayers helped me and for now I am cancer free.