Tuesday, October 16, 2012


My sweet little Giblet.
Has it really just been four months since you came into our lives?
Your short existence on this earth feels so normal to me.
It feels like all along you were meant to be here.
You were meant to be in my arms or snoring loudly next to me.
You were meant to have your cheeks kissed excessively by your Mommy and your brother until they are nearly raw.
You were meant to be smiling at everyone you meet or looking squishy faced and serious at something new to your world.
You were meant to be Caderyn's younger brother and our second child.
Everything about you just feels so right.
Everything about you is wonderful.
I can honestly not really remember what my life was like before you and your brother came along.
I remember bits and pieces of that life. I think I was a little skinnier and a little more rested, but I was also an incomplete woman.
Incomplete in that you and Caderyn were not yet a part of my life.
Now, with the two of you here, my life and joy feel endless.
It's crazy to think that nearly a year ago we were JUST pregnant with you. A year ago to this week I was heading to Phoenix to tell Mimi and Papa Swan our news about you.
Isn't that crazy!
Isn't it so crazy to think that we almost didn't have you because of those scary first couple of weeks?
Relive that crazy time here and here and here.
It's hard for me to read those first two posts that I wrote. My life and emotions at that time felt so raw.
A lot of tears were shed for you during that time. I remember so much emotion at the thought of not having you. So much emotion that even now, as I write this, I'm getting overwhelmed because of how thankful I am that the sickness passed and out of the darkness came the most wonderful gift.
You are my buddy.
Heck, you are everyone's buddy.
You love to smile at everyone and everything.
You think you are pretty funny.
Your hair fell out and turned a very light brown, but now its getting dark again. There are hints of red in it. Mommy still has high hopes you might be more auburn than brown. Oh please. Oh please!
You have a bald spot on the back of your head from where you lay.
You have the cutest little cheeks that I love smooching and nibbling on.
When you are fascinated with something or appear to be concentrating harder than usual you stick your cheeks out far and purse your little lips in determination.
You are a mover and a shaker. You just never sit still. You whip your head one way to look at one thing and a second later you are whipping it around the other way to see another thing. It's funny, even in my tummy you were just as busy.
You are still working toward holding yourself up all on your own. You do really well looking up from my shoulder for about 3-5 minutes and then you start to wiggle and shake before doing a face dive into my chin, nose of shoulder.
You love, love, love your hands. You are usually looking at them, talking to them, or chewing on them.
You suck your pointer and middle finger on your right hand when comforting yourself.
You are the noisiest eater and self soother.
You snort and you slurp over everything.
You love to stretch and kick your little legs as far as they will go when Mommy is changing your diaper. You stretch them out all the way to the very tips of your toes and then you whip them in close to your tummy and usually let out a happy shriek. It's almost like you're saying, "Whee, I'm naked!"
You are probably the gassiest baby I know (and I don't mean that you burp a lot...I wish).
I'm pretty sure you're going to be a goofball. You have that little gleam in your eye that just screams "Oh Mommy! Just you wait! I'm going to be a stinker!"
You love to hear your voice. Oh my how you love to hear your voice. You are a chatter box and always have to put your two cents in.
You are getting very strong and have mastered tummy time. You've also started rocking and have ended up on your sides a couple of times. Next up, you'll be rolling.
You are starting to focus on toys now and try to touch and feel them.
I'm 95% sure you're still teething. When I'm nursing you I'm about 99% sure you're teething.
You make me laugh every single day.
I keep telling people that if every baby I could have was like you I would probably never stop having kids.
You are patient and very good natured.
Cute 4-month-old picture overload!

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