Friday, October 12, 2012

IPHONE LATELY 10/6-10/12

Hey remember that time you came home and there was a bird in your house?
What, you don't?
Oh wait, that was me yesterday.
I got home from work and picking the boys up from daycare and set about making dinner.
My culinary prowess for dinosaur chicken nuggets has reached new levels of awesome as of late.
As the timer on the oven ticked down the minutes until dinner, I ducked into our laundry room to grab some crackers and was startled by hearing an odd fluttering noise.
I looked around and saw a little bird fluttering wildly in the window shade, throwing dust and dead bees (random?!) all over my laundry room floor.
In general, I hate all bugs and pretty much anything that flies.
Multiply that times about a million when its in my house.

So I did what any respectable woman in my position and with the same general dislike for all things with wings would do.
I shrieked a lot and threw my hands up over my head as if I was trying to protect the crazy, frizzy mess of hair on my head that the bird probably imagined would make a good home one day for its bird babies.
It looked kind of like that image from The Birds when everyone is running and the birds are attacking Tippi Hedren.

Well, at least it looked like that in my mind.
I slammed the laundry room door shut and stuffed a bunch of clean towels and blankets at the bottom of the door. Because, you know, birds are clever like that and this one would probably have found a way to sneak through the crack and poop all over my house.
In my panic I called a friend and her husband came over to get the bird and put it outside (thank you JD).
When he got there, all nonchalantly calm, I was immediately embarrassed.
But then he went into the laundry room and I heard lots of fluttering and I didn't care.
I wasn't going near that thing.
So he caught the bird and let it go outside and that thing took off like a bat out of hell.
I don't blame it. I didn't want it in my house and it sure as heck didn't want to be there.
After many thank yous and promises of cookies, JD left and I found myself in a non-fluttering house with a pile of feathers and dead bees (still not sure how those got in) to clean up.
I also still have no idea how that bird got in and now I'm slightly terrified of my laundry room.

And that was pretty much how my week ended...but enough about me, here is our week in pictures.
Fall has officially reached Montana. The streets around my neighborhood turned gold on Friday, and now everything is red and yellow. No green is left.  
Love these guys.  
Caderyn had a friend over for dinner and a movie on Friday night and they played doctor. It was hilarious.  
She has to be right in the middle of everything.  
Excited for another soccer game 
Maybe we should cut some eye holes in his hat...
Um, hello. Have you forgotten about me? 
A texting conversation with my brother. I saw this on Pinterest and it made me laugh so I thought I'd try it with him. I'm still laughing about his reaction and my parents' reaction because I did the same thing with them. Obviously I had some time on my hands.  
A yogurt date with my big guy after a really, really bad haircut from Walmart. Look at that thing...yowza.  
Eating a snack while waiting for the doctor to listen to Mr. Sickie's lungs again. Oh the joys of asthma.  
My flirty little guy.  
Please note her legs are closed 
Anyone else think this dog needs to get a life? 
Cute fireman outfit that he puked on probably one hour after this picture.

Peace out!

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The McGregor Clan said...

Best. Story. Ever. (I am so sending that text too)