Friday, October 5, 2012


Happy Friday peeps!
Prayers today for my Grandma as she begins her first chemotherapy treatment today for lung cancer.
We had a super busy weekend and just a so-so busy week.
Here ya go!
1. My sweet treat. Look at all the frosting on that sugar cookie.  
2. Getting a pedicure.  
3. A very excited soccer player and his Daddy.  
4. Watching a movie on the way to Great Falls. 
5. Fun times with friends at a wedding.  
6. The Sleeping Giant is smokin' 
7. EYE see you little Giblet. Yes, he's nursing. This picture is probably PG.  
8. Special Great-Grandparent time in Great Falls.  
9. Enjoying the last nice summer day.  
10. Montana sunset over the butte. Bug gut window included. 
11. Trying to get the whole fist in his mouth.  
12. Caught this saucy little minx watching television 
13. Surprise visits from family makes me happy. Thanks again Doug! 
14. Fitting into SIZE 10 pants also makes me SUPER HAPPY. 

And so do these videos: 

All videos were from this week!
Bon weekend!

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