Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Dearest Tiny Man Child
You are now three and a half.
Holy smokes! That's almost four.

  • Your vocabulary is amazing.
  • You love words like "frustrated" and "awesome."
  • You repeat our sentences as much as you can--we have to be careful what we say sometimes!
  • When Mommy or Daddy are talking or having a conversation with someone else, you like to repeat what we are saying or chime in with your thoughts, just like you were already in the conversation with us!
  • When you watch cartoons, you are starting to get the humor of the shows and are starting to laugh out loud. Last week we watched "Horton Hears a Who" and you continually busted out giggling over the silly monkeys.
  • You love bouncing and jumping on my couch. I used to get upset when you did that, but now I've backed off. Mommy is learning which battles are worth fighting for with you. Now there is a tiny little concave that has started on the middle section of the couch from where you are jumping. Five months ago, I probably would have gotten upset over this, but now I actually think it makes the couch more comfortable.
  • You love playing with your toys. Anything that has to do with dinosaurs, cars or pully things. What are pully things? Well they are things like Mommy's hair ties or ribbon that you find around the house. You love hooking these up to your trucks and pulling them along. Engineer in the making?
  • You are learning your letters in school right now. The last two weeks you learned about the letter A. You traced and traced that letter and learned tons of new words that start with A. Your teacher said you were VERY good at tracing and were determined to stay right on the line.
  • You are playing soccer. You don't really have any interest in kicking the ball. You like running around it in circles and occasionally you will play defense. You like standing in the goal and trying to kick it out. Good job!
  • You started gymnastics yesterday! You talked and talked the entire ride home about how you pretended you were a monkey jumping on the bed while leaping on the trampoline.
  • And another thing, you love to talk. You talk and talk and talk until no end. You ask questions, you lecture, you tell jokes.
  • You are SO tall. You tower over other three-year-olds. Right now there is only one pair of size 3T pants that fit your long legs. Most of your shirts are now belly shirts on you and your feet have grown two sizes since the summer!
  • You are slowly but surely starting to eat normal vegetables. You will eat carrots with Mommy and at preschool you have eaten salad. YES!
  • You inherited your Mommy's sweet tooth. Last night you said, "Mommy, all I want to eat is cookies for dinner." Don't we all?
  • You love to read. You love being told stories. You love being sang to. You love holidays.
  • You had Halloween up in our house before October 1st. You did most of the decorating.
  • You love baking.
  • You love your brother very much. You are very protective of him.
  • You are challenging and very determined. Mommy is finding she has to take a step back and decide what is really important. My patience needs a reality check with you every so often.
  • You don't like wiping after you poop. Gross? Yeah, but it needs to be noted. Mommy usually ends up chasing you around the house just to make sure you've cleaned up.
  • You are still a very sensitive guy. You have perfected the bottom lip pout.
  • You love, love, love family and visitors.
  • You have no interest in coloring, but stickers! Oh stickers! How you adore stickers. You love it when we are in church and Mommy produces a packet of stickers. You then proceed to cover your arms and Mommy's arms with stickers before removing them and covering a toy with all of the stickers. It keeps you entertained for nearly the entire time span of church.
  • You have a stuffed bear that you pretend is a baby. Sometimes you tell me you are going to feed your baby milk just like Mommy does for Gabriel. It makes me laugh.
  • You are very good at jobs and helping Mommy out when she asks.
  • You can count up to twenty, but you keep calling 17 "shorn-teen." You also call Frankenstein "Frank-a-niner."
  • You are so super sweet.
Last night we had a disagreement that resulted in your poor little feelings just being crushed.
Once you had calmed down, Mommy came in to snuggle and talk about what had happened.
You said, "Mommy, I'm trying so hard to be good. I want you to like me."
To which I replied: "Caderyn, I will always love you, I'm your Mommy. You are a very good boy, sometimes it's very hard being three."
And you said: "Yes it's hard being three. And it's hard being a Mommy, but you are a good Mommy."

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