Thursday, October 4, 2012


The Flashback Fridays conflicted with my iPhone Lately series, so I'm switching it up a bit.
Contain your audible gasps now please.
I know you are so interested in seeing all these photos of moi in my youth.
To be honest, I'm just glad to be transferring them from one computer to another.

In April of 2007, I did a spring break trip to Las Vegas with some friends and then ended the tail end of my break in Phoenix for some family time and wedding planning.
It was a blast. Here are pictures of my fun times.
Ready for a night on the town.
Nice one, Rach.
We were the cool people that started the "peace sign" before it was cool to even do the peace sign.
The group on the strip
Nostril shot!
Sore feet!
It was actually too chilly to sunbathe, so we drank instead. Duh!
Creepy night makeup.
Weird picture from Body English. The club that we waited 3 hours to get into.
I think she has a problem...

And then Phoenix
Ohhhh Taylor

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