Friday, November 30, 2012

IPHONE LATELY 11.20-11.30

Photo dump. Hooray!
Here's what we've been up to since last week, including Thanksgiving.  
1. Just completely in love with the cuteness of my 5-month-old.  
2. This is not a bow. This is vacation hair.  
3. Montana. 
4. Mr. Silly Pants.  Someone thought it would be HIL-arious to wake up and party at 5:30 a.m.
5. My two turkeys on Thanksgiving.  
6. JC and Jess getting some niece time. Jess obviously has that natural, calming touch because Ziva passed out! 
7. Ziva ate too much turkey.  
8. Look who joined me for about an hour of our Black Friday shopping.  
9. Water, wine and carbs with the fam after a long, and I mean very long, day of shopping.  
10. Piano Pat at the Sip N Dip. All the cousins went out for some drinks and laughs.  
11. Carter and his gf just sipping on a fishbowl with a mermaid in the background.
11. More fishbowls.  
12. Note to self--don't choose to photo-op with a dark colored straw in an already dark bar. You can't even see my straw and I just look silly.  
13. Cousins.  
14. Hooray for cousin night at the Sip N Dip.  
15. Look what you can recycle now... 
16. Oh I just LOVE my niece and her chunky legs. 
17. Working those coloring muscles.  
18. Happy Giblet, Happy Mema.
19. Caderyn kept spinning and spinning around the room yelling, "I'm exercising!" 
20. Animal cruelty...obviously.  
21. Smiles and goofs.  
22. Creature feature.  
23. So I got a new door. The door is really nice, but they took off trim and haven't come back or called me yet to replace it. That's just terrible customer service. Who in their right mind would want their walls to look like this? 
24. Puffball


Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Finally, after digging ourselves out of the blizzard that sidelined most driving for about two weeks and then recovering from ear and sinus infections, we finally got back on track with this project. I've decided to just extend it into December since November was kind of a bummer month for us.

Caderyn gets to choose what he is thankful for and what he wants to do to show how he is thankful. He decided he wanted to bring them cookies and make them pictures. He also made them a card that read:
Firemen- I am thankful for you because you help save the day and put out fires that make me cough.

We got to the fire station and caught the firemen in the middle of a meeting which they ccompletely stopped and invited Caderyn in to the room they were in. My three-year-old fearlessly marched into that room and stood in front of probably ten firemen and told them he was bringing them treats and pictures to show them he is thankful for what they do.
I'm such a sap and it was all I could do to not cry.
From there, Caderyn was pretty much the center of attention. All of the firemen escorted him out to the garage where they hung up his pictures and then one fireman grabbed him a plastic fire hat, another grabbed him a sticker, two escorted him over to the fire truck and let him sit in the driver seat, then two others showed him what everything on the fire truck did.
He asked them probably fifty questions and they answered every single one of them.
It was amazing.
And, of course, my phone died so this is the only picture I took of the whole thing.
Mom of the year, I tell ya.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Caderyn has recently become a color-aholic. We haven't checked him in to a treatment program just yet, we're waiting to see how severe this obsession is first.
I kid. I kid.
He is a meticulous colorer and full of creativity. One minute he has to make sure everything is colored in the lines and OH how he can color in the lines! The next he is splattering his coloring book like a midget sized Pollock...without the alcoholism and volatile personality.
It is quite entertaining.

So, over Thanksgiving, Caderyn and I were coloring around the kitchen table and we had been for about 30 minutes.

Caderyn: Heaves a big sigh
Me: What's up buddy?
Caderyn: My coloring muscles are just so tired.

And then he got up to play with his Ironman toy.
All in a days work people, all in a days work.
Portrait of an artist (say it arrr-teeee-stah)


Well hello there. Come here often?
I'm still reeling from a wicked sinus infection coupled with the glitz and gusto that was our Thanksgiving 2012. So, until I figure out what to write on here, I will leave you with this.

Did you know that November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month?

The American Cancer Society's most recent lung cancer statistics in the United States for 2009 include an estimated 116,900 men and 103,350 women will be diagnosed with lung cancer and an estimated 88,900 men and 70,490 women will die from lung cancer (source).

My grandmother was disgnosed with lung cancer in September and has been undergoing radiation and chemo therapy.

There are many causes or explanations as to why someone gets lung cancer, but during this month, I would like to make sure everyone is aware that lung cancer doesn't just affect those who smoke. It can affect a perfectly healthy woman who has never let tobacco be a factor in her life.

So just be aware of your health. Know your family history and get yourself checked out!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I know, I know, you are totally thinking, "Geez Sarah you can't fill out an absentee ballot for your blog and just go on vacation."
I know that's what you are thinking. And I am sorry.
I'm sorry I haven't been around.
See I got another infection of the sinus last week. It has been, as it always is, awful. I slept a lot over the weekend. That's pretty much all I did. I went to bed at 8:30 p.m. last Friday. Go me!
And then there are the little things that I wanted to write about this week, but couldn't find the time for.
Like how I'm pretty sure my dog knows how to turn on my heated blanket since she's sleeping on it every time I get home for lunch and it has been turned on. I make an effort to turn that thing off before I leave. She's a blanket hog.
You wanted to know about that, didn't you?
Or how about that time (this morning) when I tried to put both of my contacts in one eyeball. It took me more than two minutes to figure out what I was doing wrong. Not one of my better moments.
Or I'm sure you're all dying to know that the highlight of my day today was finding out a sweatshirt I bought yesterday had thumb sleeves/holes or whatever you want to call them. I was pumped.
I live such a crazy and amazing life, don't I?

Since this week gets interrupted by a holiday, Thanksgiving if you didn't know, and I plan on snuggling, eating, shopping and laughing to my little hearts' content this Friday, I'm putting up our photos from the last 2 weeks today.
1. Ghost Hunters, the animal editions.  
2. Even superheroes need to eat breakfast.  
3. Giblet 
4. Ooooh! Wait, I'm not ready for him to roll! 
5. My hair broke another comb.  
6. Smiley guy 
7. Caderyn's latest fascination has been coloring in the lines. He does this without any help and is fixated for 30 minutes to an hour.
8. My favorite little turkey.  
9. Five months 
10. Brothers 
11. Couch hog 
12. Where's the baby? 
13. Hands Mom! Hands! 
14. Worst office assistant ever.  
15. A conversation with my mom.