Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Some background: Caderyn currently has a favorite song. It is a song called Oliver James by the Fleet Foxes (my cousin is a member of this band). The refrain goes something like this:
Oliver James washed in the rain no longer.
So one day, I just randomly started singing it like this:
Caderyn James washed in the rain no longer.
And he loves it. We probably have to listen to and sing this song like seven times a day.
I especially like to break it out when he is a little grumpy in the mornings. It was the same case this morning as we were driving to daycare.

Me: Caderyn do you want me to sing the Caderyn James song?
Caderyn: Ummmmm no.
Me: Okay.
(silence for a few seconds)
Caderyn: Oh, yeah! Yeah Mommy, now you can sing my song.
Me: Great
(I start singing the song)
Caderyn: Ummmm no Mommy. You're singing is making my tummy hurt.

And I just busted out laughing.
How rude!

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