Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Caderyn has recently become a color-aholic. We haven't checked him in to a treatment program just yet, we're waiting to see how severe this obsession is first.
I kid. I kid.
He is a meticulous colorer and full of creativity. One minute he has to make sure everything is colored in the lines and OH how he can color in the lines! The next he is splattering his coloring book like a midget sized Pollock...without the alcoholism and volatile personality.
It is quite entertaining.

So, over Thanksgiving, Caderyn and I were coloring around the kitchen table and we had been for about 30 minutes.

Caderyn: Heaves a big sigh
Me: What's up buddy?
Caderyn: My coloring muscles are just so tired.

And then he got up to play with his Ironman toy.
All in a days work people, all in a days work.
Portrait of an artist (say it arrr-teeee-stah)

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