Saturday, November 3, 2012

IPHONE LATELY 10.27-11.2

This post here is a big one.
I will break it up for you into 1. Before Halloween and 2. Halloween

Before Halloween
1. Meth deer in our neighbor's yard. One pretty much walked up to my window when I was taking this picture and offered me some meth. Obviously, I said no.  
2. Last weekend we went up to my in-laws cabin with some friends. They guys hunted, the moms lounged and the kids just played and played.  The two were the only ones that sat still long enough for me to take a picture of.  
3. Snow storm! 
4. The cutest little sassy pants ever. 
5. Morning snuggles and finger sucking.  
6. My Daddy's got me! 
7. This is how I feel about Mondays too Gabriel.  
8. I'm a sucker for holidays and treats. Caderyn got to pick out a special Halloween cupcake to eat. They were delicious.  
9. Someone thinks they are too cool for nap taking.
We went to Missoula for Halloween. Jeff was missing us something fierce and I was able to arrange my work schedule that I could take some time off that week. So away we went and it was a blast!
10. Making monster faces while riding the horse. Caderyn named him Gallop.  
11. Riding Gallop with his cousin, McKenna.  
12. We met Jeff on campus when he finished and had lunch with him. Look at how short Giblet's pants are all of the sudden.  
And now for the grand finale...
When asked what he wanted to be for Halloween, Caderyn firmly announced that he wanted to be a bagpiper. So we went with it. My grandma made the kilt and the sash and my parents found him the hat and the bagpipes. I also got him a .50 dagger from Goodwill. Caderyn had a blast seeing family and trick or treating with his cousins in Missoula.
13. Goofing off before we left. He put his hat on backwards.  
14. Ready to go!  
15. Visiting Great Grandma and Grandpa first before any more tricks or treats.  
16. Mr. Loch Ness monster...aka Mr. Dinosaur. My grandma made this too--how do I not have even an ounce of her creativity? 
17. The trick or treating crew! William the Monster. Gabriel the Loch Ness Monster. McKenna as Minnie Mouse. Caderyn as McKrakken the Bagpiper and Emily as Little Red Riding Hood.  
18. Happy Mamas 
19. We pretty much trekked over the entire neighborhood and got tons of candy.  
20. Tired baby.  
21. Oh yes. My fave.
Aaaaaaaaand now, THIS.

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