Friday, November 30, 2012

IPHONE LATELY 11.20-11.30

Photo dump. Hooray!
Here's what we've been up to since last week, including Thanksgiving.  
1. Just completely in love with the cuteness of my 5-month-old.  
2. This is not a bow. This is vacation hair.  
3. Montana. 
4. Mr. Silly Pants.  Someone thought it would be HIL-arious to wake up and party at 5:30 a.m.
5. My two turkeys on Thanksgiving.  
6. JC and Jess getting some niece time. Jess obviously has that natural, calming touch because Ziva passed out! 
7. Ziva ate too much turkey.  
8. Look who joined me for about an hour of our Black Friday shopping.  
9. Water, wine and carbs with the fam after a long, and I mean very long, day of shopping.  
10. Piano Pat at the Sip N Dip. All the cousins went out for some drinks and laughs.  
11. Carter and his gf just sipping on a fishbowl with a mermaid in the background.
11. More fishbowls.  
12. Note to self--don't choose to photo-op with a dark colored straw in an already dark bar. You can't even see my straw and I just look silly.  
13. Cousins.  
14. Hooray for cousin night at the Sip N Dip.  
15. Look what you can recycle now... 
16. Oh I just LOVE my niece and her chunky legs. 
17. Working those coloring muscles.  
18. Happy Giblet, Happy Mema.
19. Caderyn kept spinning and spinning around the room yelling, "I'm exercising!" 
20. Animal cruelty...obviously.  
21. Smiles and goofs.  
22. Creature feature.  
23. So I got a new door. The door is really nice, but they took off trim and haven't come back or called me yet to replace it. That's just terrible customer service. Who in their right mind would want their walls to look like this? 
24. Puffball


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